3 Evening Questions To Help Eliminate Evening Anxiety

March 14, 2019

“To Begin To Eliminate Evening Anxiety, Never Go To Sleep Before Planting The Right Ideas In Your Head.”

During my years with an anxiety disorder the evenings were a time to look back on the day and recognize all the downfalls. I rarely ever took the time to recognize the progress I had been making towards my anxiety healing, and the new positive realizations that came to me. I believe in my heart that when you decide to ask yourself and answer the 3 questions below prior to dozing off, you’ll be creating massive momentum in your life and in time eliminate evening anxiety.

Question #1) What’s one inner and one outer obstacle I overcame today?

Look at where your focus begins moving towards when this first evening question is analyzed. When touching on the inner obstacle I’m talking about any ideas around lack, self punishment, blame, guilt, past hurts, future catastrophic ‘what if’s and more. Just pick one, recognize how you were able to counter the idea with a more flexible perspective. Also, recognize how you felt differently as you continued to grow that new idea in the coming minutes.

The second part of this question is related to the external or outer challenge. Did your car break down and you managed the experience in a loving and calm manner? Did someone criticize you and instead of reacting based on anger this time you reminded yourself that the criticism has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with the other person? Crucial insight towards your goal to eliminate evening anxiety.

Question #2) Which of my bad habits did I replace today?

As you probably already know, it takes little effort to maintain a good and a bad habit. There’s little to no conscious effort needed, it’s become routine and the mind/body expects it to happen. So which bad or self limiting habit did you replace with a more productive habit to continue to fuel your anxiety healing? The answer will also prepare you for action the next day beautifully.

Question #3) In what way am I better today than yesterday?

I always remind myself that I’m never competing with anyone other than myself. I am my own best friend and my own worst enemy depending on the factors that contribute to how I feel. So how are you better today compared to yesterday? It’s in the moments of being internally and externally challenged that we tap into the greatest opportunities for self mastery. You might have been more compassionate, learned a few new things, or started re-framing your perceptions over past memories. Seek and you shall find!

Warrior, please take the time to implement these 3 questions on a daily basis at the end of your day. Momentum is our goal here. When we have momentum we can deal with our challenges better at a head level rather than becoming reactive at an emotional level. This will lead to deep insight, a brand new and proud you, as well as eliminate evening anxiety in time.

Is It Evening Where You Are? If So, Ask Yourself These 3 Questions And Comment Below On Your Answers!

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6 comments on “3 Evening Questions To Help Eliminate Evening Anxiety

  1. Cody Brass Mar 14, 2019

    hi dennis this is killing me to no if i could over come my health anxiety wile taking 100 milagrams of clozaril, i also take tylonal and nerve pills

  2. I’m usually to overwhelmed at night to go through logical questions. How do I get myself to refocus? My feelings of emotional numbness takes over.

    • I would spend short amounts of time in meditation a few times per day. This opens up space to see things in a more flexible manner.

  3. Sally Ortega Mar 15, 2019

    Thank you! I am going to do this starting tonight!