How Health Anxiety Habits Can Drive A Person Mad

February 28, 2019

“If Health Anxiety Was A Sport, I Would Have Won The Gold Everyday.”

People must have assumed that I loved myself greatly when they recognized the amount of times I’d feel my body throughout the day. It was almost like the touching of the throat, or stomach, or head kept me from all hell breaking loose! A little touch here, a little feel there, and I prevented the worst catastrophic thing from happening right? Wrong.

The mind can play many tricks on a person, and bodily symptoms of anxiety are the greatest trick of them all

Health anxiety habits such as feeling the body, over-peeing, and excessive yawning can all be explained. A particular sensitizing event created a self punishing program (ISE) within (a calling to fulfill unconsciously), that led to subsequent sensitizing events (SSE), which then led to firmed up beliefs over what we’re worth and how life should be lived, which then leads to the extreme bodily symptoms of anxiety and the constant mis-interpreting of them.

Like walking a tight-rope, a health anxiety sufferers tight grasp over the bodily sensations and thoughts in the mind keep him/her from losing complete control. But the real control within was in fact lost long time ago

Uncertainty isn’t very liked in a health anxiety sufferers world. The answers to everything must be here and now, and there’s no space for any wiggle in between. How can it be any other way in a health anxiety sufferers mind? The doctors don’t take into consideration the pent up emotions within that may be causing the feelings. It seems they’re incapable at this point of diagnosing a physical feeling as a psycho-somatic issue.

It’s got to be something physically wrong with the person, so the physical tests and exams begin. Couple this with the extreme bewilderment (and laziness) of the sufferers support team as to what might be going on, and they believe a physical ailment is present as well. Friends think you’re losing your mind and slowly distance themselves from you as well.

All the while you’re so caught up in protecting yourself from dying, you can’t seem to grasp even a glimpse of the miracles happening around you

You may be thinking, if the bodily sensations and health anxiety habits (like googling symptoms) are due to a subconscious program calling for self-punishment and suffering, why? Because safety comes before love. There are associations that have been etched into the brain and body over the years. These associations mainly built around the formula of safety = certainty becomes priority #1 for the subconscious mind, and it is relentless in pursuing the calling.

That’s not the only problem, there’s an even bigger problem when it comes to health anxiety habits than the subconscious mind

It’s called the critical factor. This is a part of the subconscious that protects the inner programs like a security guard at a nightclub. Anything that doesn’t already fit the vibe of the club (meaning your stored belief systems), doesn’t get in. So there you are living your life through 2 different people in constant conflict.

One, the conscious you

The one who desires life! Who’s sick of living within the realm of fear, worry, and the constant need for control and certainty.

Two, the subconscious you

The one looking to fulfill the calling set out between conception and 4 years of age. The parent and authority figure based self image of yourself. It’s like David vs Goliath, but this time David loses, constantly.

No amount of motivation, fighting, or desire can by-pass the critical factor

This is where altered state work comes in. If a health anxiety sufferer truly wants to end their health anxiety habits and find freedom, they have to send that security guard (critical factor) out to lunch and communicate directly with the subconscious. Being in an altered state means three things:

  1. You relax the mind
  2. You relax the body
  3. You strengthen your focus

When the mind and body are in a relaxed state, and the focus is set on communicating with the subconscious mind directly, magic happens. This can be done through regression work, where a hypnotist or NLP practitioner takes you back to the moments the sensitization occurred to release the pent up emotions that are stored in you like an overflowing box. You would then get forgiveness, release guilt, end the blame, spread the love, communicate safety to your subconscious mind and move forward.

Or through suggestion work, where the person repeats a specific mantra, or listens to a specific mantra while simultaneously imagining the desired outcome being fulfilled through the imagination (remember, positive expectation of the outcome being on it’s way is crucial).

Health anxiety habits are nothing more than behaviours that a person has repeated over and over that they believe serves a purpose

That purpose is to protect. What to protect from differs from one health anxiety sufferer to the next, but it’s not protecting anything in reality. It’s only giving the sufferer what they DON’T want, to live life within the realm of chaos and fear, and that is no way to live.

Can You Relate To Some Of The Health Anxiety Habits In The Video Below? Share Your Thoughts In The Comment Section (And Subscribe).

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15 comments on “How Health Anxiety Habits Can Drive A Person Mad

  1. jason Feb 28, 2019

    Thanks for sharing. Your insights have made a world of difference in my life as I deal with my Health Anxiety. This is just another great tool to help in my recovery.

  2. Michelle Feb 28, 2019

    Wow, except for #1, this is me! I have worked for a large corporation, from home for many years now. I used to have to go into an office once a week and would get nervous about going in because I was nervous of having to deal with my sensations at work. Once I was in the office though, I really enjoyed the day as I loved the people I worked with. However, due to company changes, I now work from home full time and never go into an office. I rather enjoy it but do miss seeing my work friends (we all work from home now full time). My husband, who does not have health anxiety, says he is concerned that me being home full time may not be good for me. I’m not changing my job though as it is a great job that I’ve worked very hard to have, but thinking I need to get out of the house after work to be around people, not just waiting for my husband to get home so we can hang out. Also, the feeling the body constantly is a big one for me. Once I know that one thing is okay (after doctor appointment and usually a test), I automatically find another “bump.” I don’t consciously do it, it feels like it’s an autopilot thing. This video really hit home. Thank you!!

    • So happy the post spoke to you. ❤️

      • Jessica Mar 3, 2019

        I just want to say two years ago I never suffered from health or any anxiety. I worked lots of nights travelled constantly for work. I started to get un well and done all the tests at the drs and was diagnosed with GAD, health and panic attacks. I was put straight into meds which was awful. I didn’t believe I had anxiety. It got worse and felt like it has turned into a bad habit of going to the drs every single day and the ER multiple times a month. It is exhausting yet you get no sleep. Loud noises makes me jumpy and I had to stop working because of it. I have mange small goals like only going to see a dr every second day lol! I can definitely relate to most of the stuff you have said about health anxiety suffers. Most of the physchologists I have seen I’m not sure if they are helping enough with the CBT as it still doesn’t make sense. I will continue reading and watch your channels to try and help myself

  3. debbie turner Mar 1, 2019

    Hiya Dennis I defo related to what you are saying as I have had health anxiety a very long time ,I get tingling all over my body so I would Google ,well now I have ms for mouths I had bowl cancer then I thought hang on it could be ibs ,then the lump in the throat omg ,then I get snappy .so I defo related .x

    • Much love Debbie.

      • Wendy Mar 2, 2019

        Yes, I am always in a hurry to leave and always touching! I get terrible head pressure and I start thinking I’m about to have a stroke, it is terrible! The head pressure has me constantly touching my head and wanting to end any conversation. I just want them to go away

        The ones that dont apply to me are peeing and chatrooms. Also, since this has been going on for 5 years now, I no longer go to doctors and I’m almost the exact opposite, never going. I’m phobic of medication (after they tried to get me to take antidepressants which I did not), so I just dont go.

        The bottom line is I have zero faith in my body and just expect it is going to suddenly collapse. My triggering event was a near fainting experience while running. That was January 2014, and I have never felt the same since.

        I’ve recently started your program, and I hope it works!

  4. Claude Mar 2, 2019

    I can’t seem to get through to the subconscious mind that I don’t have a disease whenever I feel a physical symptom or sensation.
    It paralysis me and sends me down the spiral of catastrophic thinking

  5. Alun Jones Apr 8, 2019

    I have been fighting these feelings for many,many years. You have opened my eyes ,acceptance will replace fighting and action will replace thinking and “ why me”.