TAGP 202: Can Bottling Up Your Emotions Cause Dizziness And Anxiety Symptoms?

August 26, 2019

dizziness and anxiety symptoms

“Could the roots of our lessened mental health, dizziness and anxiety symptoms actually just be bottled up emotions?”

Wouldn’t that be a gem! To find out that the emotions we’ve bottled up over time is the very reason for our emotional distress. Stephen Parkhill who was known for curing cancer patients and healing people with other neurological disorders found this out quickly. He was a master at giving people permission to discharge their stored energy, and the results spoke for themselves.

The medical community will never recognize the psychosomatic and psychogenic connections to illness and physical symptoms though. To them, it’s always a structural issue which leads to cutting something out, or replacing something. There is a big problem with finding out that our bottled up emotions are causing our dizziness and anxiety symptoms though, and that is…

In a world where it’s shunned upon to show emotion and speak up about mental and emotional distress, what can we do about it?

Emotionally reframing past traumatic memories is certainly one way to overcome this repression of emotion. As well as sacrifice. To sacrifice your friends that disapprove of the new and improved version of you, to sacrifice your job full of energy vampires, and to sacrifice what you believe to be true for something else. No positive change work comes without sacrifice. The subconscious mind disapproves of this, since it believes that what’s already been set in place is perfect, and change is bad!

This is why you see so many people experiencing conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds. A part that desires change for the betterment of their lives, and a part that believes it’s wrong because it doesn’t want to re-learn the lessons of life all over again. So in today’s episode we’ll be diving into this massive epiphany over your dizziness and anxiety symptoms, strap on your seatbelts!

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people pleasing anxiety guy

People pleasing anxiety guy


What was your favourite quote or lesson from this episode on how bottled up emotions relate to dizziness and physical symptoms? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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dizziness and anxiety symptoms

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dizziness and anxiety symptoms

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2 comments on “TAGP 202: Can Bottling Up Your Emotions Cause Dizziness And Anxiety Symptoms?

  1. angela Aug 27, 2019

    My dizziness got so bad a few weeks ago that I had to go to hospital 3 times in one week. I couldnt even sit on the lounge without feeling that i was sinking into the seat and swaying back and forth and laying down in bed was nightmare. The bed would sway and feel like I was on a boat it drove me insane and I contemplated ending my life thats how bad it got. I googled and found out I may have Mal de debarquement and that scared the hell out of me. I had a scan done but nothing. Everyone told me it was anxiety but I didnt believe them until it started to get better. Its a lot better now but I still have it at times even though I try not to focus on it so much now. I just keep telling myself its anxiety and it makes me feel better.