TAGP 201: 3 Emotions That Are Ruining Your Mental Health

August 19, 2019

ruining your mental health

“Your emotions control your perceptions, and your perceptions dictate the quality of your life.”

Emotions are important. Scratch that, they’re everything! The answer to what makes us feel one emotion over another comes down to past experiences, and what the emotions provide us with. These experiences are the building blocks to our self image, self concept, and identity. There is a big problem in the world today though, people think they are their emotions. Nothing could be farther than the truth.

These emotions that are a part of our systems we run each day must have a purpose. If not, wouldn’t our creator install only positive emotions within us all? The purpose behind these so called ‘negative’ emotions can be anything from dealing with a threat, protecting our reputations, proving someone wrong, and reminding us of past experiences. A fleeting negative emotion therefore is ok, but one that sticks around for days, weeks, months, a life time, isn’t.

The emotions that you let dictate your entire day is ruining your mental health, and raising your anxiety levels consistently

An amazing thing starts happening when we start replacing the components that lead to our emotions. We begin to see our past, and future differently. Perspectives that weren’t available before start showing up daily. Life has meaning to it, and we’re not slaves to the delusion of fear anymore. A transition begins taking place on the inside, and a persons physical world starts changing.

Get ready for an eye opening episode of the anxiety guy podcast. One that will open up your eyes to the roots of your anxiety, and what’s really been ruining your mental health lately. In my heart I know that change is possible for everyone (no matter your age or length of time suffering). Anxiety isn’t a life sentence, and your past doesn’t have to mean your future, warrior.

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people pleasing anxiety guy

People pleasing anxiety guy


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ruining your mental health

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ruining your mental health

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ruining your mental health

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