A Letter To Your Anxiety That Could Change Everything

April 11, 2019

“A Letter To Your Anxiety Presents Full Acceptance And Understanding.”

Remember how good it felt to write that break-up letter to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back in the day, outlining your feelings etc? Remember the release of suppressed emotions, the letting go of the heaviness you carried around, as well as the clarity and lessons you gained? Well, today is your day to tap into that kind of acceptance and understanding with your anxiety.

That’s right, I want you to write a full letter to your anxiety… Today!

I know the pain it has caused you, and how anxiety has prevented you from living life the way you wish. But understand this…

If  you don’t make friends with your anxiety, you’ll suffer forever!

No exaggeration, forever! There isn’t some mystical energy that will come in and automatically shift your traumatic memories to make them pleasant. There is no magic wand that will be waved at you and allow you to feel inner peace in a moments time. The truth is, if you don’t change your relationship with your anxiety, you’ll stay lost in a world that could have been so different.

A letter to your anxiety should consist of:

  • Telling your anxiety everything that you feel about it (be kind and considerate, anxiety is a reflection of the subconscious minds perceptions of the environment, and the wounded child within that’s gone through so much)
  • How you’d like to begin accepting it fully and completely, rather than fight it away day after day
  • How you believe the lessons anxiety is teaching you will make you a greater version of yourself soon
  • How the world is a safe place to live in, and that exaggerated fear is strictly an illusion
  • How you’re ready to transition towards inner peace, fully accepting that anxiety might be in the background during this transition

And anything else that comes to your mind.

We do what we do based around the feelings we want more of, and the feelings we want less of. We move towards pleasure and away from pain, but this pain you simply can’t avoid at the drop of a hat. This pain better known as anxiety can morph into different kinds of pain from the mental side, to the emotional, to the physical, spiritual, and energetic.

“Your only way out of this pain is to love that which you fear.”

Anxiety is a protective mechanism, a call to stay within the boundaries of life. Little does anxiety realize though, that there are no limits to a human being who’s reached total dissatisfaction over the addiction to suffering (here’s a good audiobook on YouTube for this, subscribe!). To this person who’s allowed anxiety to linger in the background of their mind rather than the forefront, a complete shift in consciousness has arrived.

Life begins to become more than about anxiety. This letter to your anxiety is the very tool to begin changing your emotional relationship to it. To open yourself up to the side of yourself that you’ve neglected to understand for so long. That side simply longs for understanding and guidance, rather than avoidance, neglect, and hate. Write the letter, you won’t regret it.

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23 comments on “A Letter To Your Anxiety That Could Change Everything

  1. Julie Apr 11, 2019

    This sounds like a great idea! I can really see it being beneficial. I can’t wait to write my letter

  2. Nishka Sehgal Apr 11, 2019

    Such a funny thing! I have already written a letter to my health anxiety!!! I swear!! This is so funny! It’s really long!

    • Love it, making peace I can see.

      • Dana Price Apr 12, 2019

        I just think this is a wonderful idea but, how can I be gentle with it? I know, I will think of the little inner me that’s how I will approach this letter. Because if I don’t consider her pain my letter would be hateful and screaming. I think I understand. Thank you Dennis.

  3. Becky Apr 12, 2019

    Wow 💕 that felt pretty empowering and brought lots of things to write. I tried to get back to your blog for inspiration on what to write but everything just seemed to flow out. It’s amazing what it brings to light. I feel like awakening is a good word. Thank you

  4. Alice Apr 12, 2019

    I wrote the letter, I have been dealing with a lot of grief issues and feeling guilty about the death of my Dad and my brother and my dog. All within a short period of time, I am hoping that it helps me. Thank you

  5. Betty Scheid Apr 14, 2019

    This sounds really good but I just don’t know where to start. I have chronic anxiety and I want to work through it without medication. I am so frightened as I have anxiety about my health. Have to have teeth out and skin cancers dealt with and al day I worry how I’m going to cope. Always go to the worst scenario. Help please

    • Make peace with peace (meditation), find local or online help to reframe your memories that are still felt as traumatic. ❤️

      • Stacey Mar 22, 2021

        Why have I not seen this until now 😃 what a great way to improve that understanding and acceptance. I have done alot of work on myself through your teachings and realise I still have some self doubt and a lack in acceptance of my anxiety. It is much better but it’s still around. So I am going to write my letter and go from there. Thanks Dennis

  6. I was personally affected by anxiety a few months ago and all I had to do to literally stop myself from being in the dark pit is to accept the past as it is, live in the present and forget about those things I can’t control. I also accepted that I was having anxiety and I told myself to dig deeper to what the anxiety is trying to teach me, rather than dismissing the feelings.

  7. Cynthia dos Remedios May 8, 2019

    I really like your comments to feel, taste, smell with your five senses. If I take the first one

  8. Teresa Oct 8, 2019

    I did this a few weeks ago. Felt so empowering and freeing!

  9. Rachael Sep 11, 2020

    You are a genius! I will be writting my letter this weekend! I saw your idea of writing a letter to my anixety and thought, ya right, where do i start?! And then i saw your outline and was like: OK! I can do this! So Thank You in advance!

  10. Irene Sep 11, 2020

    I have suffered from health anxiety for the past 7 years. I’m at the highest it’s been and I’m just so lost. I listened to your podcast about health /anxiety (hypochondriac) and that was so empowering! I felt you speaking directly to me and I can hear you in the back of my head. I’m so ready to be the new version of me ! The BETTER version I just don’t know how to begin