TAGP 242: Intellect vs Intuition, Which One’s Key For Eliminating Anxiety?

June 1, 2020
eliminating anxiety

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When discussing the sometimes messy journey towards eliminating anxiety, is intellect or intuition more important? This is one of the more in depth and fascinating anxiety guy podcasts I’ve done and I’m thrilled to share it with you today.

Eliminating Anxiety Is The Result Of A Committed Plan.

This plan takes into consideration the voice on the mind (intellect) and also the voice of the heart (intuition). For today’s anxiety guy podcast episode we’ll leave out the voice of the body, the instincts and focus on these two parts of us instead.

The Voice Of The Mind:

This approach is traditional and very common in the western world for helping anxiety. It places a great emphasis on thinking through the inner and outer problems we face. This is a key skill that must be approached with a balanced mindset, and if it is can do wonders for the individual.

The Voice Of The Heart:

The intuition is subtle and becomes even more subtle if the voice of the mind is too often the main problem solver. This intuitive side of us feels the answer rather than thinks the answer. A very common skill that is practiced more in the eastern world than the west, and one we must adopt in harmony with the intellect.

If either of these voices dominate the other there can be imbalance in the system.

At that point depletion and confusion can set in, leaving the person searching for quick fixes towards eliminating anxiety. This is not our path though. Today we will uncover what you need to know in great detail.

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