TAGP 241: How To Stop Micromanaging Every Emotion (The Anxiety Lies)

May 25, 2020

the anxiety lies

Do you consistently get the feeling that you MUST micromanage every emotion that you feel, even the good ones? The anxiety lies that demand you to label and properly act on each emotion can be extremely tiresome as many anxiety sufferers understand today.

The anxiety lies are a compilation of core beliefs dedicated to picking up on the threat that lies within everything.

I’ve lived in this place for years. A few examples that will lead us into today’s podcast nicely are these:

  • Happiness – ‘If I become too happy I’ll be ridiculed by my family who are mostly miserable.’
  • Disgust – ‘When I feel disgusted about something it must have something to do with me since my self worth is so low.’
  • Anger – ‘The world just doesn’t understand me, if only they could I would begin healing.’

The list of emotions around the anxiety lies that we tend to feel the need to micromanage is quite long. The idea of ‘letting it go’ comes with such threat that we don’t dare allow this approach to stick. The conscious mind is like a 2 year old, it screams the loudest and wants an answer to everything.

There lies our biggest problem.

When we have control over our conscious minds we also provide positive direction to our subconscious minds.

This is possible for all anxiety sufferers. The suffering doesn’t have to become a life long adventure. There is hope, and healing can come very swiftly through a dedicated plan to overcome anxiety. But we must understand that what we think and feel isn’t always the law. We can rise beyond what our minds and emotions tell us, let go, and be free of this mental slavery.

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