HAP 16: 5 Crucial Steps I Took To End My Health Anxiety For Good

July 13, 2019

5 steps that helped end my health anxiety

“To end my health anxiety, I needed to do things differently than the other health anxiety sufferers.”

Are you ready for the big reveal? I get lots of questions on my personal progress to end my health anxiety, and that’s where todays podcast episode is going. To be honest, I’m not sure how shocked you’ll really be. There isn’t any real CRAZY secrets to my healing journey past health anxiety, so don’t be too disappointed when you hear something you may already know (but aren’t doing anything about).

These 5 steps will however get you to start questioning the catastrophic ideas you give way too much respect to

You know those ideas that keep your health anxiety alive very well. Such as:

  • Do I have a physical illness and is my life slowly fading?
  • If I stop worrying will I acquire a physical illness?
  • What is this new pain in my pinky? Could it be… Pinky cancer?

And so on…

Isn’t it incredible how imaginative and creative health anxiety sufferers are? I mean, we can literally take an idea and create a monster out of it, without any real experiences that support the idea! It really is a skill, not many people can be as imaginative in this way I can tell you that. But our goal together is to turn that unconscious imagination that fuels further ‘negative’ emotions, into conscious imagination which leads to positive emotions instead.

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end my health anxiety

end my health anxiety

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10 comments on “HAP 16: 5 Crucial Steps I Took To End My Health Anxiety For Good

  1. Lam Doan Jul 13, 2019

    Dear Dennis,
    I’ve been struggling with panic attack and anxiety as aftermaths of PTSD and stress. I thought my life was close to over until I found your channel.
    Just more than 1 month listening to your podcasts I’ve been drastically improved and I know I’ll get over this soon.
    I come from Vietnam, in our country the knowledge and information for anxiety and panic attack is so limited. So many people struggling with it without proper guidance. One day I’ll help other sufferers the way you helped me.
    May God bless you and your family.
    I can’t thank you enough.
    Much love!

    • So very welcome, one day would love to come to your country to do a seminar, I’m sure it would help others with anxiety and panic.

      • Lam Doan Jul 21, 2019

        That would be great to have a seminar in our country. I’ll be more than happy to support you on that!

        • Los Angeles and Vancouver seminars just finished, staring to plan out the second half of the year seminars now. 🙂

  2. Mary Long Jul 18, 2019

    It is nice you mention adrenal fatigue. I asked my doctor about it and he laughed at me and told me to stop watching Dr. OZ. This is why I avoid western medicine.

  3. Sandy Jul 20, 2019

    What herbal supplements worked for you??

  4. Tiffany Jul 22, 2019

    I love how this podcast about health anxiety offers clear-cuts steps that the speaker has taken himself. Fantastic job of definining psychological concepts in a user-friendly way. The fact that this instruction encourages people to take ownership of their health makes it an empowering message. The way he defines symptoms as a reflection of past experiences, where they can be seen as an internal signal that we can listen to and learn from- that is crucial in learning how to have a healthy inner dialogue rather than continuing to feed an emotional struggle. As a mental health professional, I appreciate how he highlights the importance of the words we use and the messages we give ourselves- and how we really do have the power to change those thought patterns and dialogues.