TAGP 104: Why Anxiety Is Not Your Fault

February 19, 2018

“Anxiety is not your fault, but it is your responsibility to overcome.”

How many times do anxiety sufferers beat themselves up over having anxiety? All the time. The label of Generalized Anxiety Sufferer, Health Anxiety Sufferer, or Panic Disorder is the invisible suit we wear and carry around day in and day out.

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We blame ourselves non stop, but is it really our fault?

Those labels are a good starting point to have, to have a reference that will point us in the direction of a proven CBT/NLP solution. The problem is it consumes us, and we share it with others as well as the universe itself. We unconsciously check in with our anxious identities day in and day out in all of our affairs, such as:

  • Is this environment safe for me?
  • Should I say that?
  • Should I act like that?

And of course the answer is always a big fat NO! Because safety is what’s familiar, and the closer you stay to your anxious identity the safer you will be (says your subconscious mind). Anything that goes against it in terms of thoughts, words, feelings, images, or actions will be deemed wrong, and how wrong is that.

A life consumed by anxiety is no life at all

Which is why today is your lucky day. I want to set the record clear so we can get that heavy weight that resides on your shoulders off of you. The consuming nature that anxiety comes with will no longer be as heavy. Heck, you might just get rid of it all together after truly understanding this episode of The Anxiety Guy Podcast.

In episode #104 of the anxiety guy podcast we set the record straight for every anxiety sufferer through:

  • Understanding the unconscious ways anxiety has manifested into your life
  • How it’s not your fault one bit
  • Why it’s so difficult for some people to see themselves un-anxious

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5 comments on “TAGP 104: Why Anxiety Is Not Your Fault

  1. Gerald clarke Feb 19, 2018

    Dennis my name is gerry I suffer from @@ anxiety and the fear of death and dieing I have anxiety for the last fourteen years but now I have anxiety everyday please can you help me thankyou gerry It has change the way I think thanks gerry

    • Hi Gerry, you have to get to the root of the core beliefs which may be the fear of dying and begin tapping into another way of seeing the idea of dying. It wasn’t until I changed the meaning of what I feared the most that my anxiety recovery starting happening. My program on this website will show you the steps. Dennis.

  2. mohanned Feb 20, 2018

    hi dennis i realy vv like u podcasts vv encourging…. just want ask u .. i been doing vv well for 2 years controling my panic and anxiety.. now i dont know wht has happend… i feel scared all the day and deffernt physical symptoms i have i get vv scared from them .. everyday the same thing .at the end of the day nothing happend just i feel im going to die atcany momoent i will collapse .. istarted to have phobia fear of gping out even fear in my own room
    . fear while taking shower.. i dont get it i been doing fine controling everything now gone vvv bad… i feel i want give up leave my work stay in my room and take pills for tge rest of my life..i dont know is it tge inner voice tht talikng now the negative one . dont know why its happying

    • During the controlling phase I’m sure you lost interest in those voices, replaced them with new stories, and accepted the sensations as you went about your day. It takes that kind of embracing of uncertainty and holding up a white flag that desensitizes a person.

      • mohanned Feb 22, 2018

        thank u dennis ill do my best to apply wht u have suggested