HAP 17: What’s Your Formula For Health Anxiety?

July 20, 2019

formula for health anxiety

“Unconsciously there’s a formula for health anxiety that we apply daily, which gives us our consistent results.”

Shocking, I know. Many health anxiety sufferers believe that what takes place on the outside affects how we feel on the inside. The truth is that the formula you run each day (consciously and unconsciously) creates the associations between what’s safe and what’s a danger, which then turns into an emotion. This emotion has been misinterpreted one too many times, and it’s heightened your sensitivity to your bodily symptoms of anxiety.

Health anxiety is no accident, you’ve gotten really good at running specific patterns each day that makes you feel this way

Many times when we think about the word ‘formula,’ we think of positive things. In this case however the formula for health anxiety is a set of patterns and habits that I’ll bring to your awareness today. Once this information gets to you I believe you’ll start seeing yourself less as a victim, and more empowered. Empowered because you’ll feel a sense of power coming back to you.

Health anxiety can make you feel powerless, but it’s just a feeling

As we all know by now a feeling is just a feeling, and a thought is just a thought. Think of it as an option, one option out of many for that particular situation. We have the power within us to bypass the initial fearful emotional response and move to a more neutral interpretation of our bodily symptoms of anxiety. Enjoy the health anxiety podcast show episode #17 below.

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end my health anxiety

end my health anxiety

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4 comments on “HAP 17: What’s Your Formula For Health Anxiety?

  1. What meditation apps or websites do you recommend?

    • The only true guide meditation healer I’ve come across that has made a difference for me is a lady by the name of Kelly Howell. Her visualization/meditation sessions are gold.

  2. Tiffany Jul 22, 2019

    True to form, Dennis is encouraging his listeners to take ownership of their thought patterns, so they can feel empowered to change the mental formulas that feed their anxiety. Our brains are so powerful that we can run several thought processes on “auto pilot” -which is what he’s referring to as “formulas,” and we don’t even realize how richly those thoughts affect our behaviors and decisions. Dennis does a great job of illustrating how we can take the wheel, so to speak, by becoming aware of our inner narratives, and rewriting them in a positive way.

    “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -Carl Jung