TAGP 143: The Greatest Roadblock To Health Anxiety Recovery

October 8, 2018

” There Are Two Words That Hold The Greatest Roadblock To Health Anxiety Recovery… Standing Guard.”

Someone who suffers from health anxiety worries, a lot. They worry about truly living, and dying, bodily sensations of anxiety, pleasing others, doing, and saying the right thing, and more. A healthy amount of worry would lead to a balanced emotional state, and limited catastrophic and irrational viewpoints. Unfortunately though, that’s just not the case for most people suffering from health anxiety.

Worry doesn’t keep you guarded and protected from impending doom, remember that.

greatest roadblock to health anxiety recovery

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But it’s challenging to see it this way because the uncertainty factor with ending worry is just too unfamiliar for a health anxiety sufferer. Health is everything, we know, but by continuing on the cautious, curious, and concerned path that most health anxiety sufferers are on will lead to the opposite of your desires… more pain!

Recognizing what doesn’t work is step 1. To review your day and to see through the patterns related to distancing yourself from other peoples problems (This is where you think your problem is a lot greater and different than anyone else’s). Also, blaming doesn’t help a health anxiety sufferer on the road to recovery either (although it’s always readily available and hard not to jump on the blame bandwagon).

If standing guard is the greatest roadblock to health anxiety recovery, then embracing uncertainty and lifting a persons faith becomes the greatest tools for health anxiety recovery.

When talking about embracing uncertainty I mean to take a stance that balances out passion and analyzing. Many times it’s passion and impulsiveness that wins the day, but by analyzing a a situation and recognizing opposing viewpoints to passion we can start lifting the tight hold of standing guard, and find eternal freedom.

In episode #143 of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be discussing:

  • What standing guard really means and how it really is the greatest roadblock to health anxiety recovery
  • Why so many health anxiety sufferers have a difficult time with change
  • How I came to realize this incredibly important point for anyone with health anxiety

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6 comments on “TAGP 143: The Greatest Roadblock To Health Anxiety Recovery

  1. mohanned Oct 8, 2018

    hi dennis….the problem i have always constant bodily symptoms and it keeps changing giving me fear.. eventhough i did last week lots of tests ..all ok..my mind is still afraid .giving feelings that my symptoms is a real threat. now for 3 days i feel like when i open my eyes that im like a radar looking for danger.. afraid .i see alots of flying black objects i feel my body is like has no feeling un steady off balance nany things.. i want to distract my self but i feel like im having breakdown.. i reasly fed up with visiting doctors .im focusing on every symptoms on my body now fear b3come automatic.. how come dennis i put limit for tht ..im always staying at home now .fear of going out its like relapse .. thx

    • Fear and imagination hold you back from believing in the truth, anxiety and sensations go hand in hand. Your sensitivity will only get better through acting on your new realizations around what sensations mean. No action, no progress.

  2. Cristina Oppefisano Oct 9, 2018

    Another great one. Thanks Dennis for all that you dođź’•

  3. My greatest roadblock now is believing my OCD is a chemical imbalance, so it will never go away. Then what’s the point in trying to do anything. I don’t know how to stop feeling this way, because I know I should have hope that it could at least be managed but it’s scary to think you have an imbalance that’s for life.