HAP 28: The Sacrifices To Healing A Health Anxiety Disorder

October 5, 2019

health anxiety disorder

Health anxiety disorder is quickly becoming a common theme among sensitized people today. The addiction to worry and suffering that was brought on unconsciously and consciously early on in life has the ability to transfer into our adult lives. Could we simply be paying the price for a lack of proper problem solving skills, and childhood trauma? Seems so.

Healing your Hypochondria consists of a delicate balance between understanding how you got here, the sacrifice for healing, and the skill sets to overcome.

Rarely, does health anxiety go away on its own or overnight. It’s rarely every a linear path but more so a windy road. As we put the pieces of your health anxiety disorder together we can better understand the conscious and unconscious patterns you run that make you see yourself, your symptoms of anxiety, and the outside world the way you do. It’s all a formula and nothing is felt without reason.

Your current mental health status and health anxiety could very well have manifested through generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety or any other disorder. Or, it could be at the forefront of your life right away. We mustn’t be overly concerned over how you feel right now, but what path you’re on. This path towards healing a health anxiety disorder is available to everyone, but it doesn’t come free or that easy.

To end a health anxiety disorder takes sacrifice of the greatest kinds. Personality traits that you’ve repeated over the years that you believe are now a part of you.

Anything related to a persons identity will come with challenges should the person consciously decide that change is necessary. You, as an anxiety warrior must welcome this challenge in, and not become intimidated by this. We only become overwhelmed and intimidated when we lose sight of what the change will lead to. This is a pleasant life we’re talking about, and it’s within reach.

These sacrifices to healing your health anxiety disorder will come with questions that must be answered, such as:

  • Are you desperate for healing and ready to do whatever it takes?
  • Does a slight disconnect from your parents who also carry these beliefs frighten you?
  • Are you ready to leave behind friends that only contribute to your health anxiety?

This is just the starting point. There are many people out there that aren’t willing to make these kinds of sacrifices in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t expect yourself to feel any different. Then there are people that put aside their comfortable discomfort for the sake of something greater. Someone greater. I’m hoping you’ll make the uncomfortable choice today, and find your freedom from a health anxiety disorder once and for all.

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