TAGP 258: How To Deal With Anxiety From The Start

September 21, 2020

How to deal with anxiety from the start? A question I’ve been getting repeatedly lately, so what better way to answer this than through this podcast episode. Today is the day I help set you up for success. Success over your anxiety symptoms whether they be mental, physical, imaginative, and certainly emotional.

There are three keys to understanding how to deal with anxiety from the start.

When you apply these three keys you’ll be faced with a very new experience. A feeling that feels quite unfamiliar, a change in the ideas you entertain in your head, and an open-ness to the voice of your heart. Your intuitiveness will begin overtaking your overthinking, and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

As you further apply these 3 keys on how to deal with anxiety from the start people will see you differently. Many times this occurs prior to you sensing change in yourself. When this occurs you can deem it an amazing sign of progress and healing. Love the part of you you’ve neglected for far too long.

deal with anxiety from the start

As you open up to self love you close the door on irrational fear!

Fear is something that’s hardwired in you, irrational fear is something learned. Knowing the difference will help us differentiate the two paths and stop the negative momentum that may build. As you carry through daily with the ideas around how to deal with anxiety from the start resistance will also show up, which is another great sign.

The sign of resistance is just a safety response.

A part of you that feels like you are defying what you’ve gotten to know so well over the years, suffering. But as I say many times on our Facebook Page, when we leave the addiction to suffering we become addicted to creativity and new insights. This is the path.

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