TAGP 257: 3 Evening Habits To Overcome Your Anxiety At Night

September 14, 2020

Anxiety at night can lead to an up and down sleep cycle as well as deep morning sensitivity. I’ve personally experienced years of such evening anxiety and lessened mental health that one day I became so fed up that I looked a little deeper at what was taking place.

What I found was that changing just a few evening habits could free me up to becoming much more present.

Anxiety at night is not a life long cycle, as much as it may feel that way now.

anxiety at night

I say this was utter empathy for anyone suffering in this way right now. Because generalized anxiety (and health anxiety) is auto hypnosis. A series of habits that have become so well entrained in the mind and body that we believe anxiety at night is some sort of accident. It’s not, and just a few small changes can make a world of difference.

The benefits of replacing old habits with new ones are endless. At the deepest levels of our subconscious minds we will begin to give ourselves permission to have more fun and to look forward to a restful sleep (reset your circadian rhythm today).

This is a different inner world to live in compared to the one where we attach to catastrophic thinking and lessened negative emotions.

As the message in the book F*ck Coping Start Healing says, Don’t Believe Everything You Feel.

This recognition gives us more flexibility in the moment we feel anxiety at night. We can ridicule the feeling, we can listen to those intrusive negative thoughts from a more comedic voice tone, or we can even trust enough to do nothing. These options can only arise through a mindset that anticipates some evening distress and responds effectively.

In time you’re going to begin tapping into momentum. Momentum is the key to healing your anxiety disorder for good. It’s kind of like flying within the space that is ideal for cruising. There is no more wasted energy, no more fight, just ease and a knowingness that you’re heading down the right path towards healing your anxiety at night.

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