TAGP 47: Health Anxiety Help – Starving Your Fears To The Max

January 16, 2017

health anxiety help“Fear Of Death Is Worse Than Death Itself.”

Get ready for the health anxiety help you truly need. Life wasn’t meant to be lived in a constant state of fear at every corner. That is why in this weeks anxiety guy podcast episode we look into the idea of starving your fears.

Questioning your beliefs and your immediate world around you was a concept a good friend, and I needed to hear it. Many of the beliefs and values we hold onto for dear life tends to be the very things that hold us back, and add more fear to our states. I began to question my friends, where my time was being spent, what tv shows I was watching, the advice I was getting, everything.

This will be a powerful episode for the health anxiety help you need only if you are willing to learn, apply, and change

That willingness is where it all starts. I needed to understand that very simply until I improved my internal processes, nothing improved. It’s these sayings, sometimes the most basic ones that we refuse to accept. We look for a big and hard solution that is always just outside our grasp instead of mastering the basic principles that will would become the exact health anxiety help we need.

“I can only wish I had someone tell me these things during the beginning of my journey, when I needed the health anxiety help”

Towards the end of my desensitization journey from my fears I began asking myself the same question over and over again; ‘does this belief serve me?’ If it didn’t in that very moment, I caught it, recognized there was no evidence to support it, and replaced it with a new empowering belief.

In episode #47 of the anxiety guy podcast we’re going to look at:

  • How to use your physiology properly towards the health anxiety help you need
  • How to question your deepest core beliefs consistently
  • Why your mind sees the negatives in an not the positives when events occur

Download this episode and share this with others who are in need of a helping hand through health anxiety.

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10 comments on “TAGP 47: Health Anxiety Help – Starving Your Fears To The Max

  1. Linda Jan 16, 2017

    Hi Dennis, thank you for info today, every thing you said is not only true but is attainable. Like I’ve mentioned before health anxiety has been with me for 37 years, I’m a hard core believer of my own strength and I’m also more of a positive person then negative…..that is how I’ve survived this long. There are two voices that talk to us…..subconscious which I think tells me not to trust or believe and your right….it’s holding on to what I learned and what I experienced as a child…..it is what kept me safe. The problem……I trust that voice over the one that comes from actual knowledge and trust and believe. I think it’s hard to let go of the voice of my childhood because it protected me when I was vulnerable……as an adult who now knows better……there is a part of me that needs to trust who I am now ….thank my old self for keeping me safe…..give that young person that was me a hug and let them go. Sometimes I feel if I don’t listen to those fears or admit they are false,what I’M afraid of is it being right and I didn’t listen…….good old self sabotage. I basically have to trust me, who I am now….that I got this. I’m healthy, everything thing has been check….I’m 67 and health will start to change, I want my now brain to be there for me so I can deal with my future with grace and a smile. All is well and life is worth enjoying. Your podcasts are great and the answer is yes….you can teach an old dog new tricks….lol have a great day.

    • Thanks for the kind words and love your approach Linda. I suffered with internal conflict for many years as well until I started to see people as being conditioned. This conditioning is basically what makes us who we are so I decided I needed a new set of habits, which in fact were very uncomfortable to apply at first, to create change. Thanks again for being a part of the podcast.

  2. mohamed Jan 16, 2017

    hi dennis.. u mentioned in u podcast u have to dig deeper…well we all know tht anxiety and panic attacks never came from empteness we know it been accumulated by time and when we were kids .with some situtaions.. wht happend in the past we cannot change it .. it happend we all were frightened by ghosts demons .. never go out lobe dont talk to strangers … tht since tht time started the first anxiety.. we cannot change wht had stored in our memories..u said not importent to cure stmptoms of anxiety the importent thing we find the root.. well i think digging deep will make u in the same cycle and more tension bcz we will ask ourselve maybe tht thing is the root or the other one .. i think digging dèeper will cause more anxiety and make u focus on the subject wht we want is to forget ..all cbt therapirs focus on acceptence and ignorance of symptoms and change life style … i dont know about digging deeper…… i remmber i went to nlp profisser who was trying to hypnotise me he wanted me to go back 40 yeasrs ago since i was kid.. u know wht happend my anxiety got worse.. later i read sime articles says .. going to therapist sessions is just a reminder of u anxiety will keep the cycly going . dennis we need to forget the past not no dig and put ourselve in cycly wht cause our anxiety.. it could be anything … all we know we have constant fear now constant physical symotoms we want it to go away.. acceptence tht im doing and life is go on.. anxiety is just an active volcano which is throwing its lava out.. let it sends it lava untill it gets peace and quiet. our brain is just like volcano its releasing the nefative energy out .. we just need to let it release it ..thts my point of view .. digging more will cause more finding root will keep u in cycle we will never find out why it could be anything …we nèed peace

    • Avoidance of what’s causing anxiety will only keep a sufferer coping with anxiety. Peace can only be reached once one is willing to look their greatest fears in the eyes, accept them, and re-frame the way they perceive them.

      • mohamed Jan 19, 2017

        hì dennis… yes i understand facing my fears is only solution .my fears is from symptoms and the first fear tht comes with symptoms.. im afraid of physical symptoms i always visit doctors for assurance .problem next day when symptoms comes back just like i never been to doctor… the bewiderment tht makes me more tense just like u when u went for trip and felt anxiety u had to go to hospital for assurance .. thts my problem .im doing my best to ignore the inner voice and focusing outward .. thx

  3. Darrell Jan 19, 2017

    Hi Dennis great podcast you have with great info jus wanted to know if u have any advice I’m 21 and been dealing with health anxiety for past 8 months it’s crazy because feel like I’m totally different person and really can’t enjoy life anymore even though these are my youthful years. I got everything checked doctor said I was good but I can’t shake this feeling that something is seriously wrong. I already been suffering almost a yr and just don’t wanna be someone that losses important years of my life to health anxiety????

    • Health anxiety can only be overcome once we become disinterested in the fearful thoughts we have. A sense of turning a monster into a fly (health anxiety) starts with true awareness. An awareness of how we add more fear to our lives through our thought patterns, our behavioral patterns (actions). It really is a mind (thinking), body (how we are using our body, and spirit (identity and purpose in life) connection. If you’re looking for a proven CBT based method through health anxiety in the fastest way, I can’t recommend the end the anxiety program enough https://theanxietyguy.com/my-program/. It really does a much better job than any tips or suggestions I can give. Stay in touch Darrell.

  4. Rachael Mills Apr 12, 2017

    You are right about questioning our beliefs and the immediate world around us as many of the beliefs and values we hold onto for dear life tends to be the very things that hold us back at times, The willingness to learn, apply and change like you rightly pointed out is the starting point to an improved anxiety free and healthier life.