TAGP 308: Don’t Make This Crucial Mistake During Your Inner Transformation

September 6, 2021

One of the most important anxiety guy podcast episodes in recent times. Today we dive deep into what’s stopping your inner transformation:

Anxiety guy podcast show notes:

Are you always looking to calm yourself down when anxiety builds? If so, you may be playing into a very creative defence mechanism brought on by the subconscious mind/inner child looking to keep you within the realms of the safety within suffering.

Safety within suffering, the biggest hurdle to overcome during inner transformation.

inner transformation

An 800 pound emotional bag carried within the subconscious mind body cannot be lightened by looking to calm the nervous system alone.

If however new interpretations over what we’ve been hanging onto are made through the calming exercise this can lighten the load partially. However, an intention to find clarity must be made prior to the calming exercise or else we’ll be relying on the exercise alone to heal ourselves, which very often isn’t the case.

In order to heal anxiety we must find peace with our past relationships that drive us to fear, suppressed rage, and guilt.

To find peace we must express what we are afraid to express in a way that heightens vulnerability and uncertainty. The need for certainty is driven by perfectionism which is a program running mainly at an unconscious level. When uncertainty and certainty find balance we can find peace once again.

Practically speaking: Use one of my reframing videos on YouTube everyday for the next 7 days and allow expression to lead to a higher level of self worth and help you to diminish your old perfectionistic ways.

Along these lines, let the momentum from reframing carry you into your heart sense which will show you that you can be consciously responsive rather than unconsciously reactive in moments of doubt and fear.

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