TAGP 309: A Mental Health Success Story That Will Inspire (INTERVIEW)

September 13, 2021

On today’s episode of the anxiety guy podcast I welcome Ashley Eversole to share with us her mental health success story and how she truly did it…

I feel privileged to be able to help such people like Ashley Eversole in whatever way I can. As you can hear from our interview today, healing anxiety and a complete identity transformation is possible for us all. But the most import part of today’s interview isn’t so much what was done, but what the approach was to healing anxiety.

The fact that Ashley focused on an identity shift led her to naturally heal anxiety.

mental health success story

What this means is that she didn’t look to create change in every area of her life, internal or external. She instead worked from the end to the beginning, recognizing what type of person she wanted to be and what kind of energy she wanted this world to respond to. This is a very important part of healing anxiety that we all must tap into and understand since it holds the key to true long term progress.

A mental health success story such as this one must be cherished and learned from.

For me at least it would be easy to play the victim in this circumstance and have something like this turn into a ‘why me’ type of reaction. But as we over-ride these types of self sabotaging habits we will find ourselves in an open space ready to take on a new perspective, and see a new angle to things.

This is a mental health success story that is possible for anyone.

Congratulations Ashley on going through the anxiety healing journey and coming out of it as an author and wonderful human being. Your journey will inspire many others and we will continue too feed off of your wonderful energy in the present. Much love.

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2 comments on “TAGP 309: A Mental Health Success Story That Will Inspire (INTERVIEW)

  1. Vernese Sep 13, 2021

    Great podcast today!