TAGP 287: Live Meditation For Healing Health Anxiety Worries (The Vacuum)

April 12, 2021

Today, through this live meditation for healing your health anxiety worries we will be actively using our imaginations to send powerful messages to our subconscious minds…

Did you know that we are 25 times more suggestible to information when we are in an Alpha brainwave state? What this means is that as the mind and body become calm, similar to those moments just before falling asleep we can condition the deepest parts of us to believe something new about anything we choose. This altered state work holds great opportunity for a health anxiety sufferer.

This particular meditation for healing is not passively sitting, it is actively imagining.

Our imaginations hold the gateway to fear, or love. If we use it in a conscious manner we have the ability to help guide our subconscious minds towards a new meaning about anything. Pictures and emotions are the languages this subconscious mind (and body) speak. As we spend more and more time in this altered state we have a tremendous opportunity to get rid of the old beliefs and replace them with brand new ones, ones that are true our own.

meditation for healing health anxiety

Why this particular meditation for healing is so powerful:

  • It has within it the association of a vacuum, and we all know that vacuums suck up dirt. In this case the dirt is what we’ve worried over for far too long.
  • This imagery session is short and gets right to the point.
  • It will challenge to you not question whether it is working or has worked or not. Rather, you must trust that when it is done you’ve taken significant strides towards healing your health anxiety worries.

Whether you are experienced in meditation for healing sessions or not doesn’t matter today. I will walk you through this session one gentle step at a time, and I hope you can enjoy and use this experience daily within your health anxiety recovery routines.

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