TAGP 306: Dealing With Hyper Fixation Over Bodily Symptoms Of Anxiety

August 23, 2021

Today we will dive deep into the reasons and solutions towards being hyper fixated on bodily symptoms of anxiety, so let’s get to it…

Being hyper fixated on breathing, blinking, swallowing and other bodily symptoms of anxiety.

bodily symptoms of anxiety

Today’s anxiety guy podcast episode notes:

  • These are unconsciously run reactions that keep us is a state of fight or flight, which keep us in a low vibration which means it’s physically harder to fight off infections, viruses etc. 
  • These reactions keep our perceptual filters focused on the bad, the potential catastrophe which in turn pleases the inner child (subconscious mind) because familiarity equals safety.
  • A person who has lived the majority of their lives fighting for acceptance, self worth, meaning and inner peace will keep fighting until more pain is associated towards their old perceptions and actions.
  • Unconsciously we place value on fixating on these bodily symptoms of anxiety, and we’ve identified with the anxiety disorder that comes with these reactions.

Solutions to being implementing:

  1. Heal your childhood traumas through some type of regression work. Because the unconscious associations you’ve made between things is a result of experiences and learnings based around your most overwhelming experiences. 
  2. Use an elastic band to catch yourself in the act, snap, and practice the skill of trusting in your body to balance itself out rather than cognitively fighting with your negative and intrusive thoughts. Allowance changes our perceptions.
  3. Take an inventory of your checklist during situations that you feel you’re becoming fixated and start lessening your expectations.

“Fixation on bodily symptoms of anxiety may be habitual, but habits can change if we truly understand the path they are taking us down.”

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