TAGP 118: The Secret To A Peaceful Mind (TRUE HAPPINESS)

May 28, 2018

“Accept What Is, Let Go Of What Was, And Have Faith In What Will Be.”

Happiness isn’t far behind a grateful heart and peaceful mind. The question is, what’s the true secret to a peaceful mind? It certainly can’t be achieved by partaking in the same ways of thinking and doing that has caused a chaotic and anxious mind. Change must be accepted and understood for progress to begin.

My peace of mind isn’t disturbed by things outside of my control.

An important realization to start with when understanding the path to a peaceful mind. Understanding what is currently in your control (what thoughts you entertain, your breathing for the most part, your body language, your responses to people, etc) and what is out of your control (peoples behaviours and response to you, the raise you want at work, your reputation for the most part, etc).

The moment we can begin letting go of the need to control things that are out of our control, we gain back power from the ego mind. The ego mind seeks to destroy us, to make us self absorbed and results driven. It takes us out of the present moment and into the future consistently, which then limits our ability to focus on what’s currently going on.

The ego is the biggest enemy of humans.

The secret to a peaceful mind is to limit the emotional intensity one way or another. To limit your attachment to things externally that make you overly excited (becoming a slave to it), as well as things that disappoint you. You can see how the cycle becomes never-ending many times and the path towards inner happiness and peace gets farther away.

the secret to a peaceful mindIn podcast #118 of the anxiety guy podcast we’re moving towards learning more about:

  • Why so many people don’t want to fully accept this secret to a peaceful mind
  • Where the majority of people go wrong when embarking on the road to peace
  • How this secret impacts your anxiety recovery



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  1. Concetta Jun 17, 2018

    Thank you good words