TAGP 127: How My Health Anxiety Spiralled Out Of Control

July 30, 2018

“My Health Anxiety Struggle Was Some Of The Darkest Days I Ever Had.”

As the questions rolled in throughout the last few weeks, I realized how many people out there are bewildered health anxiety sufferers. In order for this bewilderment to come to a halt, I know I need to provide an honest account of my health anxiety struggle.

I Need To Get Up Front And Personal About The Details Of My Health Anxiety Journey

So today, I want to free my mind, and help us connect at a deeper level. Let’s recognize all the similarities between my struggles and your current ones, and what some of the changes were that I made to begin the recovery process. One of the greatest quotes that my mentor/coach ever came to me with was ‘it’s not the speed in which you transition into your new character, it’s the fact that you’re taking minor steps on a daly basis.’

my health anxiety recovery

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Those Words Stuck With Me To This Day

In health anxiety we view our progress based on our emotional states. If we feel better, what we’re doing is working, if we’re not it’s failing. What a dangerous way to look at your progress in my opinion. You’ll eventually end up giving up on all the methods out there. This could include CBT which in my opinion is the best as it’s derived by ancient philosophies. In turn, you’ll always be taking a few steps forward and then back again.

Instead, Focus On The Little Details Of Change You’re Currently Implementing, And Stop Judging Progress Based On How You Feel Day To Day.

‘Ya Dennis, easier said than done’ I hear you say. But that could be the answer to any of my suggestions couldn’t it? I think it’s time to begin countering that voice of lack within you, and begin listening to the opposing one.

In podcast #127 I’ll be sharing these details on my health anxiety journey:

  • The one word that helped me tap into freedom from my health anxiety
  • The mistakes I was making in thinking that led me to deeper sensitization
  • The truths behind my health anxiety healing process

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6 comments on “TAGP 127: How My Health Anxiety Spiralled Out Of Control

  1. Natalie Warrick Jul 30, 2018

    Loved this pod cast I am on the road to positive mental thinking I am at the moment slowly coming off my meds and this is exactly what I need thank you
    Natalie UK England

  2. Ruqqayah Aug 2, 2018

    Hi Dennis. Ive been watching a few of your videos on YouTube for the past week and they have been of much help, I’ve recently Being diagnosed with post natal anxiety and it’s come to a point where it’s really interfering with my daily activities in terms of taking care of my children house works etc. I have physical symptoms of anxiety that are there most of the time. Doctors have given me medication and I haven’t had them yet. I too have developed health anxiety and it has definitely spiralled out of control and I desperately need advice in regards to post natal anxiety

    Thank you so much for all of your positive videos. Keep up the good work. 🙏