TAGP 74: Does Luck Play A Part In Health Anxiety Recovery?

July 24, 2017

health anxiety recovery“Victims Believe In Luck, Warriors Believe In Cause And Effect.”

The pain of going through health anxiety is very real. Many other challenges like GAD and Panic Disorder can also jump on the bandwagon and can overwhelm even the strongest willed people. At the point of severe health anxiety someone might even believe that the way back will be like climbing Mount Everest.

It’s What I Believed For Years

Little did I realize at the time though that my mind was open to change. It was available to ride the wave of anxiety symptoms, it was available to change my past beliefs around health and the fear of death, and also it was open to ruminating over rational though patterns instead.

Years later today, long after my initial health anxiety recovery I am faced with the words “how did you get so lucky” on a daily basis. I quickly feel the pain of health anxiety suffering from these people, while at the same time feel the need to explain the truth.

“The truth doesn’t come with a serving up motivational videos and inspirational quotes thoughts.”

The truth doesn’t come from saying things like ‘man up’ or ‘learn to relax.’ The truth is that understanding is power. The understanding of how the mind interprets threats, and how we must begin speaking the language of our Cortex (thinking brain) and our Amygdala (Emotional Brain) if we want to reach the point of natural health anxiety recovery.

Here Are The Main Topics We’ll Be Discussing In The Anxiety Guy Podcast #74:

  • How changing mindsets from needing instant relief to long term progress is key
  • How hope and faith play no role in anyones true health anxiety recovery
  • How simple realizations after gaining proper knowledge can bring understanding and relief

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