TAGP 71: The #1 Factor In Health Anxiety Recovery

July 3, 2017

health anxiety recovery“Health Anxiety Isn’t Your Fault, But It Is Your Responsibility To Overcome.” Dennis Simsek

The overwhelming amount of information in today’s world can drive a health anxiety sufferer mad. This piece of advice, his comment, that book, next thing you know the light at the end of the tunnel becomes smaller and smaller. This was my journey for over 6 years, until I began to work on this one incredibly important factor.

The #1 Factor In Health Anxiety Recovery Is No Untold Secret

Over the years we see athletes that had enormous abilities, but never make it to the highest levels. We’ve seen amazing business ideas that never truly manifest and become all they can be. And we see health anxiety sufferers live in a comfort zone they’re far too comfortable in to try and let go of (unconsciously of course).

Welcome To The Bewildering Life Of A Health Anxiety Sufferer

There’s something very common within the successes of people in different aspects of life, and it’s the very thing we have the ability to alter. The immense power within us grants us the permission to consciously step in at any given moment to direct our minds in the direction we want to go, and for health anxiety sufferers that direction is freedom.

Freedom from the never-ending sensitivity to symptoms of anxiety, freedom from avoidance behaviours that keep them locked in a circle of so-so living conditions, and freedom from the grand-daddy of them all… The Fear Of Death.

In episode #71 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I will reveal:

  • The biggest difference between health anxiety recovery and management
  • How we sabotage our chances for freedom unconsciously
  • What the biggest factor in health anxiety recovery is, and how it will set you on a path to freedom in all aspect of your life

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3 comments on “TAGP 71: The #1 Factor In Health Anxiety Recovery

  1. mohanned Jul 4, 2017

    bi dennis as i understood u .mean of growth of mindset .is to say i can .. and find the 3 core belifes.. i do have every information about anxiety .im following your podcasts and others yes i know everything. maybe as you said inside me there is somethinh say i cannot overcome anxiety because one of my core beliefs whih is lack of confidence and my mom used to do everything to mw untill age 22..i keel having physical symptoms heart race dizzy jelly legs extr…whole day ive done lots of chech up all normal. just im not convinced and plus fear of fear . i think it as i said i dont belive in my self lack of confidence.. maybe wht im having is teaching lessons to fix my core belifes. i remmver dennis last year u told me to focus outward more inward and think u symptims as a fly ..im doing it i feel sometimes there is a part of me inside wants me to focus outward and the same time at my body.. maybe i trained my mind or bacame a habit.. just dennis can you be miore clear about growth of mindset ill do my best thx

  2. Hi mr dennis..im from philippines i realy like to watch your video..i feel good if i watch it….thank you very much god bless you…