TAGP 75: Top 10 Words Of Wisdom You Need To Hear Today

July 31, 2017

“In Life What You Really Want, Will Never Come Easily.”

Inspiration is important, very important. These words of wisdom will begin to help create a vision for your life. Without a vision our minds don’t know what direction to go, so we become stale. Brooding in our misery of how difficult everything is.

Inspiration often comes during the task you’re involved in, and after the task is completed. Not before. This is especially the case if you happen to be feeling depressed, anxious, angry or ‘off’ in some other kind of way. As you NOW ACT and keep ACTING NOW, that is when the drive and belief begins to build within you.

As inspiration builds, more empowering thoughts and feelings tend to follow closely behind

Have you ever felt un-motivated to go to work, exercise, go out, but did it anyway? And, the more you did it, the more motivated you started to feel and by the end of it you were feeling really inspired and driven to do more?

Of course! That is because motivation is the reward, not the starting point. All acts require the most effort in the beginning. Starting is the hardest part. When you keep ACTING NOW, it becomes easier, more motivating and more satisfying.

It’s like pushing a boulder down a hill. The first big push is the hardest, but once you’re rolling it becomes easier and easier. Then when you feel the reward of getting to the bottom of the hill, that’s when you feel the most motivated – after it’s over.

These Words Of Wisdom Will Provide You With The Fuel To Begin, Or Stay On Track Towards A Definite Purpose

Think of it this way. It will not matter what you think, if you don’t act in the way you want to act. Without acting now, your beliefs will lead you nowhere. You will start to develop new disempowering beliefs because you can’t lie to yourself. This is why people who use affirmations without doing anything to act on them, become depressed.

In Episode #75 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Dive Into:

  • The truth behind motivation
  • How words of wisdom such as these can be used properly
  • Why most people stay stuck in their lives

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6 comments on “TAGP 75: Top 10 Words Of Wisdom You Need To Hear Today

  1. Thank you Dennis this all made alot of sense, and .. I could relate to most of it, I have to admit I LOL pretty hard when you were talking about hating things ” life” because I often tell or “use to” tell my self ” I hate life, I hate people, I hate I hate…. loving is soooo much better!!

    • We always have a choice whether to hate or to love Bree, so true. They both take us down a path of either more anxiety or fulfillment. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Ernesta Funk Jul 31, 2017

    Believe me, anxiety ruins happiness and true spirit of life. I’ve been a patient of health anxiety for almost 7 years. A friend of mine referred me to Dennis and I really had a great communication with him all the way. I highly recommend his blogs to every anxiety patient because his approach to cure anxiety is most effective. He is knowledgeable and knows very well how to encourage health anxiety patients.

  3. Tammy Carter Aug 1, 2017

    Dennis truly cares and wants to help those who are stuck in anxiety related issues. Rest assured, he will take all essential steps to facilitate you succeed against all odds. Throughout all healing process he worked really hard to find out workable solutions. If I could recommend him to each and every anxiety sufferer, I would.