TAGP 199: 6 Ways To Properly Prepare For Antidepressant Withdrawal

August 5, 2019

prepare for antidepressant withdrawal

DISCLAIMER: The information in this episode is meant to be seen as informational and nothing more. For professional help please consult your physician to discuss changes with antidepressants and benzodiazepines.

I’ve been asked to make this podcast episode by many people over the years, and here it is. My suggestions on how to prepare for antidepressant withdrawal will lead you towards a smooth transition away from medications. As hesitant as I have been to make a podcast episode like this, I also believe it to be necessary

Necessary because there is no real road map, or guidance to prepare for antidepressant withdrawal

Practicality is our goal in todays anxiety guy podcast episode. Can you use this information and can it actually work? The answer would be an astounding yes based on my own experiments. Your physician of course will have the final say as to what you must do to prepare for antidepressant withdrawal, but a few powerful pieces of advice from someone who truly cares will also help.

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6 comments on “TAGP 199: 6 Ways To Properly Prepare For Antidepressant Withdrawal

  1. Shelly Kahler Aug 5, 2019

    Thank You for this post Dennis. Today marks the 7th day Ativan free. I have been tapering off this medication sense late April. Only took it for 5 weeks at 1 mg per day to help with sleep and it stopped working. I decided to get off it and the Dr didn’t think I needed to taper But I couldn’t just stop cold turkey so I tapered. It was hard but I kept reminding myself why I was doing it like you said. It was for myself and my daughter. I have three grand babies as well. So it was for them and my husband and mother. FAMILY is was got me to the end of this. I am still have a fear of driving tho so my 30 day goal is to be able to drive again and get back to work. My body has rejected the other antidepressants as well and I will not be going that route either. I am so glad that you did this podcast and said the things you did because that I am the same way as you where.
    Again than you so much for all you do. You truly are my inspiration and love all that you do.

  2. Christine Aug 5, 2019

    I felt this in my heart. I feel like that scared child in fear of everything.
    I am 6 months off of a benzo and I was only on for a short time but withdrawal has been a nightmare I cant get out of. My main symptom has been all mental.. fear, doom, hopelessness.. ontop of heightened anxiety. I really dont know where to turn anymore because doctors only want to put me back on meds and therapy doesnt help a whole lot. I’ve been whiteknuckling through life since February and I’m beyond tired. I wanna be me again. My brain is taking forever to heal. I wish I never started meds to begin with.

  3. I have recently been there to support a friend who has been preparing to withdrawl from antidepressants. Because of work and her going back to school she had been taking some antidepressants to kind of help her with her workload. After talking with her husband and her doctor she has decided that she wanted to start slowly weaning from meds after she was done with school, she just decided to take a break from her job and kind of find herself again. We talked about meeting up to kind of help her with that transition of withdrawals from antidepressants and I was surprised to find that you can’t just stop cold turkey and you have to do it over several weeks or even months! She talked to her doctor and made sure that she was trying to alleviate as much stress in her life so she won’t have to go back on them. Thanks for the podcast and helping people out there prepare for this!