HAP 23: 3 Practical Ways Of Mastering Your Health Anxiety And Mental Health

August 31, 2019

mastering your health anxiety

“Without a set of skills that you can bring with you to counter your health anxiety, you’ll find yourself desperate and confused.”

Practicality is very important for mastering your health anxiety. Because if something isn’t useable, and proven to be beneficial, you’ll fall for the next ‘anxiety recovery fad.’ Health anxiety symptoms can lessen, and eventually disappear for good. This is a realization that doesn’t get discussed enough in the mental health world. We discuss ways of managing or coping with anxiety, but never a true solution. Until now…

Think of health anxiety as a skill you’ve mastered. You’ve developed it over the last few months or years, and it’s now easy to automatically go into that anxious state.

This means that you can do the same for inner peace. It’s a formula, one in which you’re only sometimes aware of and most of the time unaware of. These habits that lead to health anxiety tend to stay under the radar of the conscious mind, because the goal of your unconscious is to automate as much of your life as possible. To begin mastering your mental health and health anxiety you must apply awareness to as many moments of the day as possible. And have a set system for healing health anxiety.

Your feelings are the GPS that that tell you what path you’re on. As you go about your day checking in on yourself, ask yourself what you are in alignment with? Are these ways of thinking and perceiving, speaking and behaving leading you towards health anxiety, or further away from it? Ultimately you are the quarterback of you life. You are the conductor and you get to decide what to believe in and how to respond.

Mastering what you truly have control over within means to put power back into the person who feels they’ve lost it over time!

This is why today’s episode of the Health Anxiety Podcast show is so vital. We can begin using the tools I’ll be presenting to you instantly. Will the brain reject these tools possibly? Likely. But a true warrior doesn’t allow this temporary rejection to get in the way of the vision they’ve created for their future identity. Life is a series of internal and external challenges daily, how we deal with them will determine who we become.

I can tell you out of personal experience and having worked with thousands of people worldwide, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve suffered. Thanks to the power of neuroplasticity we can dig into which neural connections need to be replaced, and begin replacing them. But we must start getting in between the very thing that sparks your fight or flight response, and create internal shifts daily. So let’s continue learning how to become more than anxiety, one health anxiety podcast at a time.

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4 comments on “HAP 23: 3 Practical Ways Of Mastering Your Health Anxiety And Mental Health

  1. Millie Woods Aug 31, 2019

    Thank you Dennis. If I could afford you. I would so do your one-on-one therapy.

  2. Diane Sep 9, 2019

    I had my first anxiety attack about 2 months ago, I thought if this is the way I have to live I’d rather not, I sympathize with anyone who goes through this..