TAGP 203: 3 Power Questions To Break Free From Worry And Anxiety

September 2, 2019

how to stop worry and anxiety

“If we keep asking ourselves the same lousy questions, we’ll never identify and replace the roots of our worry and anxiety.”

Take a moment to analyze the questions you’ve been asking yourself in your mind lately. I have a feeling that some of them go like this:

  • ‘Why am I always anxious?’
  • ‘What did I do to deserve this?’
  • ‘Why is my life full of suffering?’

These questions are directed to the subconscious mind that begins looking for the answer immediately. Unfortunately, the answers consistently look something like this:

  • ‘Because it’s just who you are.’
  • ‘Nothing, but your focus and emotions lead us to think you want this.’
  • ‘Because it’s what came first in your life, and what you repeated the most often.’

Ask better questions, and you’ll take larger steps in the direction of freedom from worry and anxiety. Which means that the way you dialogue with yourself all day is crucial. Are you your own worst enemy, or best friend? Most would say my own worst enemy. So than living with anxiety is no accident, right? It’s become habitual to ask limiting questions, and to believe anxiety is a part of your personality. Until now.

With every new level of progress over anxiety, comes a new devil!

This isn’t meant to intimidate you, it’s meant to prepare you. Preparing for the internal challenges in the form of intrusive thoughts, ‘icky’ feelings, bodily symptoms of anxiety, panic, unhelpful images from the past and future is key to freedom from worry and anxiety. But there are too many people out there that are just ‘winging it,’ and not committing to a proven strategy for healing anxiety.

This is because of the two parts within you that are in conflict with each other. One that wants change and freedom from the cycle of anxiety, and the other who has seen too much and invested too much into this anxious personality you have. When these two minds are in congruence the body is the result, and when these two minds are in conflict the body is the result. So our job is to ask the types of questions that in time lead to the realizations we need to begin healing.

Asking power questions won’t lead to the answers you seek for your worry and anxiety right away.

It’s the law of gestation we’re working with here. Everything has a gestation period during which it develops. The time it takes for something to manifest, like a baby in the womb. So upon upgrading your inner dialogue and the questions you ask yourself, be patient. Nothing worthy ever comes to a person fast. It takes time. And freedom from worry and anxiety is no different, stay on the path that you know is right for you, and I promise you that healing your anxiety is inevitable.

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