TAGP 234: 6 Mindfulness For Anxiety Teachings That Will Heal

April 6, 2020

mindfulness for anxiety

Mindfulness for anxiety is a component to healing, an important component. It’s a higher level of conscious awareness that helps us strip away the burdens around fear, guilt, shame, blame, and unforgiveness. As we practice this skill we can tap into the information we need to heal anxiety for good.

When mindfulness for anxiety is present we take charge of our lives rather than allowing anxiety related emotional responses to take over.

Many of us understand the term but don’t fully grasp what to do with it. We believe it has something to do with awareness and to me this is true. But mindfulness goes far beyond your basic idea of awareness. In fact it’s the holy path to the human skills we carry but have never been able to tap into.

There are three main parts to us all:

  • The conscious part that stays present, rational, and analytical from situation to situation.
  • The unconscious part that reacts based on past memory, which is deeply invested in doing everything it can to maintain survival.
  • The superconscious part that manifest ‘miracles’ and allows us to live through a ‘flow state’ (effortless living).

If the conscious (present) and unconscious (based on labels and associations from the past) are in harmony, the superconscious arises. If they are out of harmony a person may struggle through every aspect of life.

When the conscious and unconscious are working together we can see things happening below the level of our everyday awareness.

It really is a beautiful place to live. Mindfulness for anxiety is the essential step that deserves your full attention and priority daily. This episode of the anxiety guy podcast will help to simplify your anxiety healing journey, and provide you with 6 golden keys to mental health freedom.

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2 comments on “TAGP 234: 6 Mindfulness For Anxiety Teachings That Will Heal

  1. Aricia Jun 29, 2020

    Dear Dennis

    Best to practice awareness, mindfulness + Love/ Compassion. The conscious, subconscious transformative Peace of Higher Order.

    With A Passion