TAGP 235: 5 Ways To Worry Less During Hard Times

April 13, 2020

worry less during hard times

In today’s world it’s essential that we learn ways to worry less so that we can grow more. During these times of hardship we have the potential to look deep within and recognize what needs aren’t being met.

These needs many times go unmet because we become too caught up. Caught up in the needs of others, our fears of poverty, and the unresolved anger that compounds within.

One of the the best questions I ever asked myself was ‘what does my body truly need from me?’

The answer came in the categories of:

  • Mental needs – To be able to perceive and think differently so that my fight or flight system wouldn’t become activated so often.
  • Emotional needs – To understand that there was a neutral ground in terms of emotions and I didn’t need to be either excitable or fearful all the time.
  • Physical needs – More movement which would help release the stored negative energy within so that I could perceive myself and life differently.
  • Spiritual needs – Getting back in touch with source energy and understand that I didn’t have to do everything myself.

To worry less means to be grateful more. During hard times such as these many people think that gratitude should come with a certain amount of guilt. The truth is that the emotional energy that you put off affects this world, and you’re doing the world little to no good by getting caught up in more fear and inner turmoil.

To worry less during hard times, one must see what they can’t necessarily see when they’re caught up in fear.

So in todays anxiety guy podcast we will be diving deep into the skill sets you deserve to own. No longer will you be caught off guard by fear, but succumb to love more often.

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