TAGP 253: How To Move Away From Anxiety And Into Trust

August 17, 2020

move away from anxiety

Anxiety sufferers today want to move away from anxiety and into trust, but have difficulty doing so. In order for this transition to take place we have to first understand what trust truly means. This way we can have a set point as to when we’ll know we’re healing anxiety, and transforming into someone new.

When people move away from anxiety they report a deepening sense of lightness.

Trusting in the unfolding of life means to sacrifice what’s been common in a persons life. The biggest problem here though is that there are too many people wanting to trust in life but aren’t willing to sacrifice their habits that bring them certainty. The certainty of their jobs, the friends that are draining their energy reserves, the fear they cling to unconsciously and more.

Nothing new comes without sacrifice. To become someone new you have to let the old you and your old ways die off gradually. To trust means to be alright with not knowing. Not knowing the answer cognitively goes against our beliefs and our egos though.

The ego is overthinking, the death of the ego is knowing and acting on that knowing.

What this means is that we must gradually move away from the need to know and towards the contentness of not knowing. I remember during my transition away from an anxiety disorder and towards inner trust that I had to become less intelligent. This led me to allowing my heart to lead my life rather than my cognitive thoughts.

As we become more childlike we may feel a sense of going backwards. This is the very transition towards total transformation and inner peace. Today we identify more to this transition as we move away from anxiety and towards a sense of knowing more about life and beyond.

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2 comments on “TAGP 253: How To Move Away From Anxiety And Into Trust

  1. Tracy Aug 17, 2020

    Lots of good points. wonderful podcast.
    I am 99% ready , soon to be 110%