TAGP 252: Your 5 Options The Moment You Need Anxiety Relief

August 10, 2020

anxiety relief

Anxiety relief is possible if the person has a set of tools to counter their anxiousness. During my greatest strides towards anxiety recovery I remember being very prepared for anxiety and panic. This was a massive learning lesson for me that I’d like to pass on to you today.

You’re capable of experiencing anxiety relief even during the most sensitive moments in the day.

The tools I’m going to go over in todays episode of the anxiety guy podcast include:

  • Mental tools to counter anxiousness
  • Behavioural tools
  • Imaginative tools (imagery based)
  • Verbal tools
  • Unresponsive tools

Each one of these will make sense during this episode and it’s you’re responsibility to use them. In order to be effective with these tools you must intuitively feel which one will work best for you. These are counters rather than relying on willpower, hope alone, or someone else to help you.

What’s important to understand here is that with anxiety warriors discouragement is not an option. These tools work when relentlessness is present in an individual. With relentless practice you will begin tapping into our greatest goal for long term anxiety relief, which is…

Meeting with disinterest during anxiety symptoms or intrusive thinking.

When disinterest is present you’ll be able to turn your focus away from anything that promotes anxiety and towards the present moment. You will become more externally engaged and aware rather than so internal. This brings on a separation away from overthinking and towards the heart again.

The heart is the mind of spontaneity. We lose this intuitiveness as we grow up because intelligence is held up in higher importance over intuition. This is why we begin questioning our own choices so much, and lose our sense of adventure and trust.

Let’s begin learning these tools for anxiety relief today.

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