TAGP 151: 3 Ways Of Perceiving Yourself And Your Anxiety Struggles

November 5, 2018

“Anxiety Is Either A Punishment, Or An Awakening.”

The perceiving of the anxiety struggle leads to a mindset. The mindset either leads towards deeper pain, or greater insight. To see anxiety in any other form other than a painful, debilitating struggle is the greatest challenge. As I look back on my struggles I usually ask myself if I’d do anything different, and the answer is always no.

The struggle made me who I desired to be

As the body keeps score of your past emotional traumas, current dangers lurking in the environments, and your right or wrong actions, you’re always receiving feedback. The goal would be to see it as so, and understand that it’s in your perceptions where freedom lies. To perceive something is to have a belief about it, and to have a belief about it means to have an emotional consequence to it.

Eye opening stuff. They don’t teach you this in the classroom that’s for sure, not too many life lessons or classes on mental health there. It’s through life experiences where we associate things to labels, and construct who we’ve become. This is where the 3 B’s in todays podcast episode come in. As Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for anxiety teaches us, we are much more than our thinking and actions, and we are changeable.

Which one of the 3 B’s in today’s podcast episode represents you and your anxiety struggles?

That’s the question, and the initial answer will be of pain, doubt, and misery (many times naturally). But then you’ll pause for a brief moment and give it a deeper analysis, an analysis that will re-shape the direction that your life goes, and show you how lessons can be taken by your challenges.

In episode #151 of the anxiety guy podcast I’m excited to show you:

  • Where people go wrong with labelling themselves
  • How anxiety can lead to the greatest version of you
  • How to begin thinking of your anxiety struggles for maximum progress today

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2 comments on “TAGP 151: 3 Ways Of Perceiving Yourself And Your Anxiety Struggles

  1. Mindy Nov 7, 2018

    I loved podcast 151 but I wanted more, more, more…. ended too soon…can you do a podcast on each, especially “Bend”…?