TAGP 152: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Why Anxiety Leads To Physical Pain + Best Anxiety Books

November 8, 2018

“Many Times Physical Pain Is A Manifestation Of Emotions Held On For Too Long.”

There were times during my anxiety disorder when I wondered why anxiety leads to physical pain. Doctors had no explanation and were as confused as I was, and the last place people look is their own emotional and mental health. So is it possible to manifest physical pain and discomfort through anxiety? And if so, where can an anxiety sufferer start in order to begin healing?

These are the key questions which I’m excited to answer today on the #AskTheAnxietyGuy show

My own experiences as well as hearing consistent updates from people going through my CBT program has taught me plenty about why anxiety leads to physical pain. Patterns become revealed, and physical pain tends to be a result rather than an accident. In terms of impact, that’s a whole other story. Today we’re talking about unresolved emotions due to unresolved changes in perception over past memory.

Feelings in the body are the signals that get misinterpreted many times. It’s essential to get anything physically lingering checked out. But when the results are in, second guessing yourself and your future health can lead to full on health anxiety. Health anxiety is more debilitating than it sounds. To the average person health anxiety is just random concerns over health, but to a sufferer it can feel like their true identity, and a never-ending battle.

Along with answering why anxiety leads to physical pain, I’ll also be sharing my recommendations on the best anxiety books out there today

These books will be a combination of anxiety helpers, and personal transformers. I’m big on finding the cause of a persons emotional distress, and taking care of it there. When this happens many times people shoot like a rocket, having realized the power of emotionally reframing their past.

On this episode of the Ask The Anxiety Guy Show I’m answering your questions on:

  • Healing physical pain which at it’s root is repressed emotion
  • The best anxiety and personal transformation books to start reading
  • What it truly means to be more than anxiety

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2 comments on “TAGP 152: #AskTheAnxietyGuy – Why Anxiety Leads To Physical Pain + Best Anxiety Books

  1. mohanned Nov 10, 2018

    hi dennis ..i dont know if u agree with me with wht im going say.. wel. my 6 years of my struggle of high anxiety and panic non of any technique bee usefull for me..i have tried cbt .pills.. change core belife.. exercise non useful . i have realized one thing many people been telling me and i didnt agree with them. which is ignorance.. ignoring fear ignoring every single bodily sensation . give up and say let it be.. i mean surrender.. when i did this many times my day went well.. but only i dont keep on doing giving up or surrendiring.. maybe bcz i already magnified everything for the past 6 years and it has become engraved in my mind.. i need maybe to keep surrendiring and talk to my self frequently saying let it be.. wht might happen let it happen.. die or faint or going crazy.. maybe this is wht i think… wht do y say dennis .u point of view us v importent to me thx bless u

  2. Kelly Nov 11, 2018

    I’m struggling. All I can think of is going to the hospital because I’ve had stomach pain for days. I’m convinced I have cancer. I can barely function. I feel hopeless yet again.