TAGP 204: Recovering From An Anxiety Setback The Right Way

September 9, 2019

recovering from an anxiety setback

“Recovering from an anxiety setback the right way could be just the magic you need for massive momentum.”

‘The dip,’ or better known as an anxiety setback is inevitable during the healing journey. This is a very important moment in the life on an anxiety warrior as their response can mean tremendous progress or long term disappointment. When you can master the dip you will master all the other areas of your life. Since setbacks in any venture will show up and you’ll have the perfect tools to respond effectively.

It’s an exciting time in healing anxiety I can say that. People are getting smarter and more open minded to the possibilities of healing anxiety completely. Gone are the days where anxiety warriors fall for the words ‘it’s in your genes’ (the genes play a very small role in the transference of mental and emotional traits, says epigenetic studies).

The days of managing anxiety for a lifetime and carrying around the traits of an anxious person is over. Lasting change and total healing is within reach.

This becomes understood at a heart level the more small wins a person creates throughout the day. An empowering response here (to a catastrophic idea), a reframing of a past memory there, a clear vision for their future, and any doubt gets left behind. Recovering from an anxiety setback is tremendously empowering for anyone. The less time spent in the anxious state the better it is for your mental environment within.

Life is not meant to be lived within a comfort zone, that simply is so limiting in terms of life experience. It’s like docking a ship in a harbour and leaving it there forever. That’s not what ships are meant to do! That’s not what you did as a child and we know now that freedom from anxiety shows up when childlike tendencies are adopted again.

Get your anxiety journal ready, this episode could hold the key to life after anxiety for you!

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8 comments on “TAGP 204: Recovering From An Anxiety Setback The Right Way

  1. Marjorie Waterman Sep 9, 2019

    Your podcast on recovering from anxiety setbacks was so helpful! Since I don’t talk about my anxious state to others, your wisdom and insight really jar me away from my negative and fearful thoughts and back on the path of positivity. Your suggestions are so practical and reassuring, particularly because they address my tendency to carastrophize every thought and rush through my days. Thank you! You have helped me so much.

  2. Karen Sep 9, 2019

    That was awesome 👏

  3. Claudia Bloom Sep 9, 2019

    Spot on with slowing down, have recently had to reign myself in and slow down, I have called in multiple opportunities as I have grown stronger and stronger. By mid Ocober I will be the featured artist for a local fundraiser)preparing over 30/40 pieces of art, I am starting up a free art program for seniors in affordable housing, and returning to facilitate creative expression workshops,,,I called it in, the Universe provided and I was off to the races. 2 days ago I released all that no longer serves me, and slowed my ass down!!! feeling much better! Thank you for the confirmation and the work you do. Namaste

  4. Just had my first anxiety setback since making some substantial progress. This could not have come at a better time.. thank you so much for sharing this. Already implementing these reframing skills.