HAP 24: A Day In The Life Of A Health Anxiety Sufferer (Personal Story)

September 7, 2019

health anxiety sufferer

“A health anxiety sufferer gets emotionally bruised and battered each day, and lives to fight on.”

I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to todays episode where I share a full day I had with health anxiety. Anxiety for me started between the ages of 0-7 (as it does for most people). But health anxiety hadn’t showed up until my mid 20’s. Another form of worry that fulfilled the calling, or the programs within me that were dialled in at childhood. These programs caused me many external misinterpretations of danger, that eventually led to inner misinterpretations around my symptoms of health anxiety.

Take a snowball for instance. What happens when you roll the snowball down the hill? It gets bigger! What happens when a person experiences situation after situation at a high rate of emotional intensity, and continually experiences deep sensitivity? Health anxiety is the result. Any form of anxiety is no accident. This is what I teach on this and my main anxiety guy podcast on Apple.

Health anxiety must be taken seriously. Empty advice such as ‘get over it’ or ‘learn to calm yourself’ aren’t practical and targeted enough to be effective

Each week I feel out what the best piece of content would be for the health anxiety podcast show. I thought a typical day of mine would be a good way to build trust in you, and to keep your progress going together with me. If you have no trust in your teacher, or anxiety coach, you’ll find yourself not fully getting the messages being sent.

A health anxiety sufferer doesn’t need a group of anxiety anxiety supporters in their lives. As much as they may think they do. What they really need is one person that understands, and can lead them to desensitization. Desensitization is a place where a health anxiety sufferer no longer falls victim to the intrusive thoughts, feelings, or images that play out on the inside during challenging moments.

An anxiety sufferer must question everything from their upbringing, to their thinking patterns, to their unconscious behaviours, to their identity

Once you begin questioning your reality, freedoms door opens up. Once freedoms door opens up however we must not back track back into the safe habits around worry and distress. This is where sufferers find themselves moving forward 3 steps before backtracking 3 steps. It’s time to fully accept that your healing is deserved, you are more than capable of following through, and you are more than anxiety.

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2 comments on “HAP 24: A Day In The Life Of A Health Anxiety Sufferer (Personal Story)

  1. That snowball effect is crazy, and you get surprised at how fast it can travel when the pressures kick in. I would caution, however, on stigmatizing groups. Even within CBT circles, there can be effective groups to help sufferers out, The group dynamic can help reinforce positive behaviors outside of treatments. Socialization can have good outcomes in therapeutic (and even non-therapeutic) settings