TAGP 117: Life After Anxiety – 6 Ways To Find Fun Again

May 21, 2018

“No One Rises Suddenly In The World, Not Even The Sun.”

Life after anxiety can be a very unfamiliar and sometimes scary place, even for the most optimistic anxiety recoverers. Many times I found myself asking myself and the universe questions like ‘who am I?’ And ‘where do I find like minded people now?’ It’s real easy to lose your focus and relapse when it comes to anxiety, and that’s what todays episode is all about.

Where Your Thoughts Go Energy Flows!

Meaning, we have to continue the momentum we currently have. I’ve seen it too many times where an anxiety sufferer gets to their desired emotional state, and stops. Stops the consciousness, presentness, and habits that built their new character up. They then become lost again, moving from one overnight ‘cure’ for anxiety to another.

I don’t want this to be you, ever!

Which is why I’ve put together these 6 steps for how to move forward with life after anxiety. The topic needs to be discussed more actively in the mental health world, but it isn’t. Therefore too many people fall victim to the spider web affect in a short amount of time (entertaining thoughts related to their shaky future, and whether they are deserving of this life).

Character development means exactly that, a constant building and moulding of your character through a dedicated CBT based program. Nothing in this life that is worthy will come easy to us, we have to problem solve and be relentless to get what we want. There is no real end in charter development, there is only progress and lessons that are learned from failures.

In episode #117 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast I’ll be touching on:

  • Why the fear of life after anxiety is so prevalent today
  • How to find inner peace rather than look for outer acceptance
  • How life after anxiety shapes the people around you

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2 comments on “TAGP 117: Life After Anxiety – 6 Ways To Find Fun Again

  1. Rob P. Mar 19, 2019

    This is exactly where I’m at “Maintainence mode”… not quite sure where my progress is leading me to because my environment and outside circumstances remain the same. Tried the church thing and it definitely lifted my spirit, at my lowest point, but I also don’t think I could make a habit of it. And I keep exposing myself to triggers so I can build up a tolerance. It’s definitely helped lower my sense of fear, dread, and panic but so far hasn’t allowed me to feel 100% safe in all situations. I still get stressed and worry a lot when I’m outside my comfort zone however I’m able to manage my state of mind alot better. Less flight more fight. I look forward to the day when I don’t have to think about this stuff period. Guess I just have to keep pushing forward and build more self confidence. Thank you for your videos and podcasts Dennis. If it weren’t for you I’d probably still be dealing with wild panic attacks and DpDr. I hope one day I can beat HA too.