TAGP 126: How Social Anxiety Is Getting In The Way Of Your Dreams

July 23, 2018

“To Generalize Other People Limits Our Ability To Be More.”

We are social creatures who have this ability to push ourselves away from what should be natural. Natural should be the way we were as children. Interacting with others, learning from them, and creating lasting bonds and circles. As adults though, we become reminded of all the reasons for why we won’t be accepted and how judgement will be placed upon us by others.

Our realities are created based on our perceptions. We can find the evidence within others that can promote the opposite of our limited views of people.

But we have to look for it. If we don’t we are slaves to our core beliefs which are targeted towards avoidance and ultimately social anxiety. We live in a world of billions of people and somehow the majority of people today are lonely and living without purpose.

It’s unfortunate, and I will do everything in my power to open up your eyes to a new way of approaching the world and ending your anxiety for good. In the beginning of my ‘stepping out party’ as I like to call it (placing myself into the uncomfortable scenarios I had been avoiding) it felt like my life was in danger.

Since the part of the brain that activates during physical pain also activates during emotional pain, I felt like I was on a cliff about to jump! But I was just speaking to someone, how does that work?

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Very naturally in fact. In the old days we had tribes, we had groups of people that we trusted and becoming ostracized from those circles ultimately meant death (due to the vast landscape that held creatures of all sorts that were threats to our lives). We are stronger with numbers than we are alone was the motto, and so that part of our brain still exists today.

In today’s powerful episode of the anxiety guy podcast I’ll be showing you:

  • How social anxiety manifested in your life, possibly without you even knowing it
  • What sort of thinking and behaving keeps you sensitized around people
  • The keys to eliminating social anxiety from your life and getting back to your dreams

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7 comments on “TAGP 126: How Social Anxiety Is Getting In The Way Of Your Dreams

  1. Hey Denis, good podcast. Having dealt with social anxiety from the age of 12, it definitely gets worse as the years go by if it’s not dealt with. I then entered the nightmare world of panic and general anxiety 2 years ago and your podcasts kept me sane when I thought I might go mad. Your advice of just riding that panic is the only way to go. I have made good progress with panic but I’m still socially anxious. I find the big difference is that with social anxiety, it’s uncomfortable but I’m more afraid of what people think of my obvious signs of distress such as shaking and blushing. With panic disorder, it’s fear of the feeling of fear. The symptoms are not obvious to anyone else but you are swamped inside with terror and sensations. Acceptance of the sensations have carried me a long way but I can’t accept the social anxiety symptoms because people can see them. Now, I am working on my self esteem but it’s not clicking yet.. hopefully I will start to see a new way of thinking on this soon and accept myself flaws and all!!

  2. brenda rohde Jul 23, 2018

    Over the years I have read and listened to lots of programmes like this but have just realised that I am very very critical of everything. I think, that cant be right what about ??????? an example .. I know so n so that is like that or does that but they don’t have GAD so how is learning how too change that going to help me ???? So I will be going over and over this until I understand it all, probably will take a while as I seem to only take in some of it not all of it.
    cheers Brenda….

    • The pre-judgements a person has going into any new information will pretty much dictate how much you gain from it. I’ve been there, and realized there’s fear involved many times.

  3. Allen Sep 20, 2018

    Great podcast again! I have to say growing up with GAD and high levels of social anxiety I can certainly relate to never fitting and I admit I still struggle a lot with it today at 31, however now that I am learning to accept myself with all my uniqueness and flaws the journey is becoming lighter as you say, thank you for your insightful words, much love.