Trump Anxiety: How To Deal With It Productively

March 16, 2017

For many, anxiety over a Donald Trump presidency feels like a political nervousness. But ALL anxiety is a problem, no matter what causes it.

How To Handle Trump Anxiety

Stay Active

It’s easy to vote. It’s easy to post your feelings on social media for your friends to see – many of whom share the same view as you. It is much more difficult to become an active person in your local community on a political level.

Moderate Social Media

One of the main causes of Trump anxiety can best be summed up by the last few days of the election. This was when it was announced in the news that Donald Trump’s Twitter account was taken away because he had become too reckless with it. Those that were concerned about how this recklessness may affect his control over nuclear weapons were troubled.

Spend Your Time Outdoors

By default, much of your news and education is consumed online. You sit in front of your computer, inside, on the couch or at a desk, and read about it as much as you can.

Stay Educated

Trump anxiety can be controlled through education. We see this with panic attacks. Panic attacks are often triggered by physical sensations – for example, you may feel some mild chest pain. This causes the body to rush with adrenaline worried that the chest pain is something more serious, like a heart attack. Then when you learn how and why anxiety causes chest pain, it can have a calming effect on your anxiety in the future.

Engage The Rural Voters In Group

Donald Trump’s victory was almost entirely due to rural voting groups that felt left behind by the rest of society. As a result one of the most important takeaways of the election is that no voting group should be completely ignored or marginalized, because when they do, they may fight back in force.

Conclusion Over Trump Anxiety:

let’s understand that we have a choice on how much time we spend on watching the news, researching Trump’s presidency etc. If we don’t completely eliminate but lessen the time we spend worrying about the world’s problems, we can begin moving in a direction towards our purposes/missions in this lifetime.

Take notice of where your time is being spent and how it’s growing you as a person. If it doesn’t serve you, lessen your time there, and replace it with something that your future you will thank you for.

How Do You Deal With Trump Anxiety? Share Your Comments On Your Journey In The Comment Section.

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6 comments on “Trump Anxiety: How To Deal With It Productively

  1. Ricki Mar 17, 2017

    So many people I know are struggling Trump-related anxiety! I’ve found the most helpful thing is to keep the news off right now, and disconnect from people on social media who are constantly negative and freaking out.

    • Kenny Mar 17, 2017

      Yea, I’ve done the same as Ricki and taken a break from the craziness of social media. Those who are in a constant state of panic are not making things better. Let’s look at issues and productively address how to affect change instead of getting hysterical.

    • Sell the TV! 😉

  2. Trump is not the issue, it’s the hysteria surrounding those opposed to Trump. These are people who call themselves “Anti-Fascists”, but they are in fact, acting just like the brownshirts in 1920s Germany while claiming they are opposed to what they represent.

    In this instance, the real anxiety should be around the evil notion that a moderate elected official (and Trump is just that in any unbiased analysis) should be brought down and prevented from doing what the people elected them to do by unelected bureaucrats and an ex-President who sees his role as establishing a left-wing dictatorship doing the bidding of unnamed (ahem, George Soros) super rich men who are trying to game the system to ensure their wealth and are willing to break down democracy to do it.

    The mainstream media is only adding to the fire because deep-down they want a left-wing dictatorship to censure other people’s opinions.

    Educate yourselves on these issues, people, and you will realise it is not Trump who fanning your anxiety, but those who oppose him.