A Powerful Health Anxiety Story You Must See / Chapter 4

March 10, 2017

“One Powerful Health Anxiety Story Can Lead To Incredible Changes In Other People.”

In the inspirational video below I share the amazing journey I had through a mental health facility. The journey was amazing because it taught me the power of perspective. On one side I thought my health anxiety story was at the top of the list as far as problems go worldwide. Little did I realize it was extremely reversible compared to what others are going through.

One Experience Can Change A Person’s Whole Outlook

health anxiety story

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As the video below explains I definitely didn’t feel like I belonged in that mental health facility. But deep down I knew there was a reason for me being there. There was something that experience needed to teach me because let’s admit it, nothing was working for me up to that time.

My health anxiety story was running my life to the ground. With every sensation of anxiety another catastrophic thought would pop up. With every catastrophic thought that popped up the more emergency bills added up, and the more confusing the journey became.

“I Knew There Was More To Life, But I Just Didn’t Know How To Break, And Start Reversing This Health Anxiety Story!”

I realized after the experience in the mental health facility that I had more control than I thought. I didn’t have to respect a thought because our minds and bodies are doing what they’ve always tried to do, protect us or keep us happy. If it had to choose between the two though it would certainly always choose to try and keep us safe. That’s where these warning signals popped up which I was terrified of.

Those symptoms of anxiety weren’t there to harm me, they were there to warn me that my mind and body was perceiving something as a threat to my life.

The system needed guidance which I wasn’t giving much of during my health anxiety days. I was only reacting instinctively, which wasn’t helping the recovery journey from anxiety. Get ready to become inspired, get connected with a journey you can relate to, and find out the practical tools that worked for me through the video below.

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4 comments on “A Powerful Health Anxiety Story You Must See / Chapter 4

  1. Howard Gigs Mar 14, 2017

    Hey, your video is very inspiring, and this also have changed the way I taught, right now am quoting you on this ‘Those symptoms of anxiety weren’t there to harm me, they were there to warn me that my mind and body perceived something as a threat to my life.’

    • Everything starts with awareness Howard. As far as a health anxiety sufferer goes the faster they understand that they can live in a world of effect at the moment, they can alter that and live in a world of cause where they have control.

  2. Alice Mar 17, 2017

    Wow. This is really powerful. I see what you mean about stopping to get aware of what’s causing anxiety vs. just reacting to it, and how that changes the cycle we slip it as anxiety sufferers.

    • Every result has a structure behind it whether we’re conscious of it or not. The problem is some structures are so deeply embedded into our identity that we don’t go down the road towards changing it due to fear of the unknown.