TAGP 240: My #1 Secret To Eliminating A Negative Connection From Your Past

May 18, 2020


Eliminating a negative connection from your past means to become comfortable and feel safe in a particular setting or environment. Many anxiety sufferers avoid people, places, or things because of their past traumas. When we continue with this avoidance behaviour it affects others areas of life, something we don’t want to happen.

Eliminating a negative connection from your past takes a certain amount of courage as well as a plan.

Imagine feeling pleasant walking around the high school you were once bullied in. Or what if you could connect with someone you’ve been neglecting from your past because you had a huge fallout with them? This is our goal today, to re-invent yourself so to speak and stop restricting ourselves so much.

We are naturally spontaneous and outgoing people.

This is the way we were in the beginning stages of our lives. As time went on we learned how to fear more and more environments and avoid more and more situations. Today’s anxiety guy podcast on eliminating a negative connection from your past will help to revive the old you.

It’s a convincing game, and the one that must become convinced is the subconscious body mind.

I say body because it’s the latest part of your subconscious mind. It will let you know through feelings and sensations whether a situation is threatening or safe based on previous experiences. The mind and body have their own feedback loop. One communicates instantly with the other, so it’s vital we create coherence between them starting today.

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2 comments on “TAGP 240: My #1 Secret To Eliminating A Negative Connection From Your Past

  1. Katie May 20, 2020

    Hi Dennis,

    I love your podcast and I’ve found your insight to be a great and encouraging resource.

    I wanted to share with you a thought I had about this latest episode. As someone who has been through developmental and acute trauma and has done a lot of healing work, I wish there had been a word of caution accompanying your encouragement to go visit places that provoke anxiety. Exposure to something triggering can end up doing more harm than good. It can lead to re-traumatization, total overwhelm, and has the potential to send someone to a very dark place. I speak from personal experience. If trauma is behind someone’s anxiety, it’s important to go slowly when working towards healing and revisiting those things that bring up anxiety. There can be bigger things behind the anxiety and it is important to have support.

    It would mean a lot to me if this concept was part of your educational message. In my experience, people generally do not understand the nature of trauma and the way it lives in the body and mind. It is this misunderstanding that has the potential to lead to re-traumatizing and potentially dangerous experiences. It’s important for people to know how to resource, take care of themselves, find support, and process safely before stepping gradually towards the belly of the beast.

    One thing that has been helpful to me is to practice essentially the same technique you discuss, but to visit the place in my mind only. Recalling the memory of the place and working with the body in the safety of my own home has been an essential tool in my journey.

    Thanks for all your work.