TAGP 288: 3 Truths About Progress Over Anxiety And Stress

April 19, 2021

Anxiety and stress are two completely different things. One is a pattern of conscious and unconscious thought, behaviour, and many times turns into an identity. Stress on the other hand is known to be more situational and fleeting. However, there are similarities in terms of what arises when progress is made with either and that is what will be revealed to you through todays powerful podcast episode.

Anxiety and stress can become so automated that it feels normal to a person.

At least that was the case for me. However, when I was beginning to make progress over anxiety and stress I found that it looked much different than what I originally thought it was. I thought that progress was simply feeling better. I never realized that there were stages that I needed to go through to eventually meet with this ‘better’ feeling, and those stages are completely necessary to thrive and take lessons from.

Here’s a look into what progress truly looks like over anxiety and stress:

  1. Progress reveals the root causes of your anxiety (this video on YouTube explains in detail).
  2. Progress can be earned, or not, meaning it can show up through action or inaction, whichever is needed the most from the individual. 
  3. Progress brings forth clarity, and clarity is what heals old wounds, not the action itself.

anxiety and stress

If progress is being made, take the lessons from it, if it is not understand your own blocks to healing better. You are on a journey, it’s not a journey to be won but rather a journey to a better relationship with what it is you’ve been fighting so hard to get rid of. When this collaboration improves only then can true healing over anxiety and stress arise.

Today we will look at your mental health healing journey from a whole new pair of lenses.

It truly is a beautiful thing.

One shift in perception has the power to unleash tremendous clarity and new feelings. These new feelings lead to new perceptions, and soon enough a persons inner and outer world look completely different than what it once was. Everything that leads to anxiety and stress can lose its power, and you can become progressively more disinterested in the negative thoughts that provoke these states. This is our goal in the end, andI believe we all have the capability to meet with this goal.

Patterns can be broken, anxiety and stress related patterns are no different. The success stories out there are no different than any other person, they are human, they were very invested in their personal healing as are you. Sometimes though, we need to stop and take a good look at what’s truly taking place. We need to look our our results and see if we truly are on the anxiety and stress healing path. Through this level of awareness and careful observation we can come to a realization that our mindset and skillsets are either working, or are not.

Today we go beyond anxiety, today we see the subconscious meaning behind our progress.

Enjoy today’s meditation for healing health anxiety worries my friend and I look forward to connecting with you soon through our Facebook Page.

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