TAGP 265: Conscious And Subconscious Meaning Behind Your Anxiety Disorder

November 9, 2020

When we understand the subconscious meaning behind our anxiety disorder we begin the healing process. This healing journey is made possible through understanding why the body holds onto the past, and how our subconscious beliefs differ from our conscious ones.

The subconscious meaning behind your emotional distress sets you free.

While everyone else is focusing on managing their anxiety symptoms, you are understanding your defence mechanisms that want to prevent change. The doubts, the physical symptoms and sensations, the intrusive thoughts all can be attributed to a subconscious mind body willing you towards familiarity.

Whatever has been practiced the most often becomes the default way our systems want to function.

Fear finds more fear, and love finds more love, it’s just the way it is. We begin growing comfortable in our discomfort and this becomes a very self sabotaging way of living life. Life begins to feel meaningless and yet we grow attached to the meaninglessness of life. What contrast, what pain, what an eye opener.

subconscious meaning

The inner child within us all is either addicted to gratitude or suffering.

This inner child is your subconscious mind. It is highly emotional and believes it knows best. However, an upgrade around these childhood beliefs is neccesary as we dive deep into the subconscious meaning behind an anxiety disorder today.

Life can have flow, but we must open ourselves up to it fully. Life can be anxiety free but you must sacrifice your old ways and present stimulations to reach it. There is much to learn prior to applying. Give yourself time to understand the subconscious meaning behind anxiety better. It doesn’t have to happen in one day, it just has to happen.

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