TAGP 278: Will Anxiety Lead To Your Best Life?

February 8, 2021

Will anxiety really lead to your best life? Let’s get to the heart of this question today and find out the truth about where your life is truly headed…

Anxiety is like being physically paralyzed (a little extreme I know) but in a mental and emotional way instead. It leaves us feeling guilty, angry, fearful, blameful, and truly feeling like a victim of life. But is it possible that if we can stay away from coping with anxiety and stay on a path of true inner healing that it may take us towards our best life?

The answer is a resounding yes.

If you are willing to grow mentally and emotionally you will also grow spiritually. This growth will lead to your best life.

best life from anxiety

A train has a very difficult time stopping when it’s going at optimal speeds, very similar to a former anxiety sufferer on the healing path. Momentum drives the person from one great epiphany to another as life starts to have a new beautiful taste to it. Curiosity trumps fear, trust overcomes the need for certainty, and less control leads to having more control, this IS your best life.

Life opens its arms up to you when you become willing to open your heart up to it.

This is why I believe so deeply in the inner child work for healing anxiety (this YouTube video will provide insight on the inner child work). This does not mean sitting in a chair and speaking about your childhood for the next 7 years. This means gaining the understanding that you are a subconscious and a conscious being and at any given moment may be guided by the emotional and irrational child mind or the intelligent, intuitive, and experienced adult mind.

Who we become depends on how we deal with our feelings at any given moment.

To live your best life you must separate from who you think you are right now. You must make the transition to feeling like a nobody (which is an amazing starting point) followed by feeling like you are everybody and everyone is you. The problem with our society today is that we are divided and this makes it hard to connect at a deep level and build healing and loving relationships.

So today we will understand what your best life looks like and make sure we are headed that way full steam ahead.

Enjoy today’s podcast on an effective anxiety grounding technique and I can’t wait to connect with your personally soon.

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One comment on “TAGP 278: Will Anxiety Lead To Your Best Life?

  1. I think that finding a way to cope with anxiety will lead to a better version of yourself. This alter ego will ultimately find its way to his best life 🙂