TAGP 279: 5 Powerful Solutions For Your Social Anxiety Symptoms

February 15, 2021

Social anxiety symptoms can range from being mental, verbal, behavioural or otherwise. If we don’t begin strengthening our social skills we may lean further into believing that this way of life is in fact our identities. Today our healing from social anxiety begins…

You heard me correct when I mentioned social skills. Imagine for a second with me that instead of labelling yourself as unworthy, incapable or any other silly judgement you instead saw your social anxiety symptoms as a lack of skill sets. What a difference, replacing ‘I am’ with ‘I need to improve.’ This is truly a game changer because we can now dis-identify with the social anxiety part and re-identify with simply having an un-practiced set of skills.

Social anxiety symptoms disappear when certainty is accepted.

Notice I didn’t say confidence, I said certainty. Many times we feel we need to be confident before doing something, such as approaching a stranger and chatting. False. Confidence is gained from doing and is fleeting, certainty however is a concrete feeling and doesn’t wither no matter what the result of a situation is. We need to be certain of a few things:

  • Certain that we have value we can share with others.
  • Certain that doing our best is good enough.
  • Certain that we are worthy of anyone’s company and relationship.
  • Certain that we are on the right path towards inner healing.

social anxiety symptoms

You see, certainty is unwavering. Like a great wall that is immovable no matter what the weapon being used against it is. Through our daily wins within the cognitive, imaginative, behavioural, verbal, exposure frameworks we will find ourselves growing in certainty and relying less on confidence.

Less expectations, more flow.

Our social anxiety symptoms manifest because we fear that our own or others expectations may not be met. What a tremendous amount of pressure to put on ourselves. Aren’t you worthy of a little flexibility? Don’t you feel that it’s time to back away from such high expectations? The answer to both is yes, and today through this anxiety guy podcast episode we will meet with the clarity necessary to dissolve our social anxiety symptoms for good.

Enjoy today’s podcast on healing our social anxiety symptoms and I can’t wait to connect with you personally soon. I would recommend that if social anxiety is a problem for you that you listen to this audiobook I created on my YouTube channel right here.

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