TAGP 277: An Anxiety Grounding Technique You Must Use Daily (Shifting)

February 1, 2021

When many people think about an anxiety grounding technique they think of it as something that will take their anxiety away. This is a mistake. Instead, we must think of it as a skill that moves us from one emotional state to another, and that’s where all the magic lies.

If you allow yourself to consistently default to your most familiar emotional state (in this case dread which leads to anxiety) you will never heal. Anxiety healing is done through exploration and a willingness to step out of your default ways of being. This is implemented one uncomfortable and vulnerable day at a time until empowerment sets in for good.

This anxiety grounding technique puts power back into your mind, body, and spirit.

anxiety grounding technique for sufferers

This is important.

Because anxiety sufferers feel powerless many times to help themselves because of all the information they along with their authority figures have fed them over the years. One person’s beliefs don’t have to be yours though, remember that. This goes for any idea, any negative belief, from anyone. We gain power back through a steady diet of unexpected epiphanies which begin leading us to going beyond anxiety, beyond fear, beyond our old psychological and physiological ways (breathe better).

If we tell ourselves a limiting story about ourselves enough times we will begin to believe it. Repetition and emotion embed into the subconscious mind. So we must stay aware as to whether we have unconsciously programmed ourselves to block our path towards anxiety recovery. Understanding and implementing today’s anxiety grounding technique will get you there.

Our goal with shifting is to get to a neutral and non judgemental place towards our negative or even positive emotions.

When we are emotionally neutral in the face of an initial fearful reaction, we hold the power to guide our subconscious minds (or inner child, this YouTube video will clarify). This skill set turns into a connection, a belief connected to who we are. At this point we are no longer dealing with anxiety symptoms, but rather we have dis-identified from our old limited selves and identified with our true selves.

Enjoy today’s podcast on an effective anxiety grounding technique and I can’t wait to connect with your personally soon.

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