TAGP 97: 5 Secrets That Separate Coping With Anxiety vs Recovery

January 1, 2018

“Everything Begins With A Shift In Mindset, Your Approach To Dealing With Anxiety.”coping with anxiety

Is there really a difference between coping with anxiety and recovery? Can two people suffering at the same severity, same length, and have similar genes go in two different directions internally, and therefore in life? Yes. These are questions I get regularly from people who’ve begun the program, and it’s time to reveal the secrets between the two states.

It Takes Courage To Adopt A New Mindset To Dealing With Anxiety, And Not Everyone Will Approve Of It

During the painful 6 years I lived coping with anxiety it felt like I was consistently taking one small step into the cold lake of water (mental shift), and scattering out. Sometimes I’d even be able to get the water waist deep, but that was usually as far as I got for anything that was unfamiliar, even if it was for my benefit in the long run.

If you’re currently coping with anxiety you’ll notice that no matter what direction you look your mind will distort things to keep you coping with anxiety. It doesn’t want change, it wants regularity, it wants consistency, even if that change is for the betterment of you as a whole.

What If I’ve Made That Decision Dennis? That Choice To Commit, And I’ve Gotten To The Point Of No Return Already?

In that case you’ve come to the right place. Nothing changes until you’ve suffered enough and recognized that change doesn’t happen until you start changing your current ways of thinking, speaking, imagining, and acting. Today’s powerful anxiety guy podcast episode will take you into the secrets of coping with anxiety vs recovery.

Today, In Episode #97 Of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Look Towards:

  • The #1 secret that separates long term struggle vs long term success
  • How important the daily mindset is during anxiety recovery
  • Why it’s so important to stop using willpower to go from coping with anxiety to recovery

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2 comments on “TAGP 97: 5 Secrets That Separate Coping With Anxiety vs Recovery

  1. Patty Jan 1, 2018

    Thanks. How do you start feeling physically well. I feel sick most of the time. Ears ringing, stomach issues, takes forever to get out of bed.

    • Best to first find all the reasons for creating this positive change (drive), secondly to investigate th core beliefs you hold that keep you stuck, thirdly to begin in baby steps to start putting yourself in situations (with the right mindset) that cause you some discomfort as you change the perceptions of you and those places. If you need a balanced program and guide on how to do this I’d suggest the teachings of CBT and NLP, and to begin the program on this site.