TAGP 98: A Health Anxiety Sufferers Close Relationship With The ER

January 8, 2018

“The Majority Of A Health Anxiety Sufferers Life Is Spent At Home, Work, And The Doctors Office.”health anxiety sufferers support

Doctors and their staff don’t understand it, parents and siblings don’t understand it, friends and acquaintances don’t understand it. How Could they?! If you’ve never been in a health anxiety sufferers shoes you wouldn’t understand the severity of the situation. They fight, and they claw, and they search for answers always coming up blank until…

The Understanding Of What They’re Fighting Becomes Clear

Ourselves. More than anything it’s a battle between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The part that wants to understand and the part that doesn’t want to let go of who it believes you are, anxiety. “Anxiety has done well for us!” The subconscious mind yells, little does it understand that there is no threat, only an imagined one, so the convincing game begins.

“Stop Dealing With The Symptoms Of Anxiety, Start Reframing Your Identity!”

My mentor would say. I didn’t quite understand him in the beginning, the feelings were so real as all health anxiety sufferers can attest to. “How could these feelings be related to health anxiety, an overload of conscious and unconscious practice of the thinking and behaviours that created this?” I wondered

But He Was Right, I Had To Dig Deeper To Find Out Who I Really Was

Who Was I? I mean it was years of anxiousness and bewilderment, I didn’t even know who the real me was anymore! But I started to find out, just like you. Health anxiety sufferers becomes dissatisfied enough with the constant emergency and doctor visit that they have no other option but to partake in a proven method that creates a new identity for themselves, and so their recovery begins.

In Episode #98 of The Anxiety Guy Podcast We Visit:

  • My years spent getting to know the doctors and emergency room staff by name
  • The one thing I needed to hear to finally understand my health anxiety
  • What keeps health anxiety sufferers resisting a positive change

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8 comments on “TAGP 98: A Health Anxiety Sufferers Close Relationship With The ER

  1. Charlene Jan 8, 2018

    Hi. My name is charlene and i suffer with health anxiety iam always thinking that am gonna die, i know we are all gonna go one day but i would love to live the life that i have left without these trouble thoughts. I would love your help if possible,,

    • Charlene best way for me to help is knowing you’re rdeceivong the proper knowledge and skill sets, and then have the accountability you need through someone guiding you. The program on this page has been the answer to so many health anxiety sufferers and I know will create a positive shift in your life as well. ❤️

  2. Chelsea Jan 9, 2018

    Another great podcast…..Thankyou Thankyou!!…….Dennis part of my morning routine is listening to one of these and then I get on with my day 😊

  3. Mackenzie Jan 23, 2018

    I suffer from health anxiety too! I am learning how to change my mindset! We can do this together you guys! 😊 -Love, Mackenzie PS: Let’s fix ourselves, and then we’ll change the world! One step at a time.😘 Thank you for posting this. This has made me feel at ease.

  4. Hi my name is Jim I have suffered on and off … oh hell I’ve been dealing with this shit since the age of 8 now at 51. My question is dealing with anxiety and all it’s manifestations while being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which definitely can be exacerbated by all the additional anxiety and catastrophic thinking I add to it ..On a personal note your podcasts have been very helpful and have helped me thru some dicey nights . Thx again