TAGP 321: What The Path From Anxiety To Inner Peace Really Looks Like

December 6, 2021

Get ready for an in depth look into the transition from anxiety to inner peace, enjoy!

Strange and unexpected things will happen to you on this journey from anxiety to inner peace and these occurrences must be worked with.

anxiety to inner peace

Below you will find the show notes from today’s anxiety guy podcast episode. I’d love to hear from you on which part of this episode spoke most deeply to you so make sure to comment at the bottom and inspire your fellow warriors. 

From anxiety to inner peace step by step:

Step 1) The recognition of things we weren’t aware of before, such as patterns of thinking, core beliefs, daily acts that contribute to keeping us standing guard.

Step 2) A choice is consciously or unconsciously made to begin altering these old patterns based on the dissatisfaction we have with our current results on the inside.

Step 3) We attempt our change work, the change itself is not so much dependent on the type of action itself but more so about our willingness to put our hearts into the change. If feeling and repetition are involved we will succeed.

Step 4) We encounter defense mechanisms to change by the inner child (learn more from THIS YouTube video) and how we respond to them will determine whether we stay on track or fall back into our old ways.

Step 5) Clarity and wisdom arise. We perceive our childhood and more recent past differently, from the eyes of a more mature belief system and not one that’s still running old limiting programs.

Step 6) We find ourselves again and we understand the power of simplicity and being content with who we are and what we have.

Anxiety quote of the day:

“When your new found respect and self worth arises welcome it with open arms and give it your focus and attention for longer than you have been.”

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