TAGP 322: This Is Truly Hindering Your Progress Over Anxiety (Important)

December 13, 2021

Progress over anxiety more often than not isn’t a linear path. Today I will bring to your attention an important pattern that may be preventing you from healing, enjoy the episode…

Our anxiety is a manifestation of unconscious perception and habits, and it’s those perceptions and habits that we must bring to our conscious awareness (more on this in this YouTube video). It’s not until we do this that the results on the inside and outside of our lives start to change. This really is a starting point, a mindset if you will. Everything starts with mindset for how can you keep progress going without one that is dedicated to the journey and puts the process before results, I don’t believe you can.

get over anxiety

To get over anxiety is to get over yourself, at least the self you thought you had to be.

This self has become the person it has due to external pressures and internal core beliefs. Our true selves respect ourselves enough to be expressive with our feelings and ideas along with being open to dis-pleasing others. However, the artificial anxiety self doesn’t like this idea because that is a reptilian response coming from the area within our brains that associate disconnect to death (even in the social sense).

What happens then is we begin tippy-toeing through life never aware of the spontaneity and freedom that lies within us.

Inner peace and freedom isn’t something we take since we can’t take something we already have within. The only problem is just like your anxiety parts these are the parts to you that you’ve neglected, and starting today we will begin supporting these parts and get over anxiety once and for all.

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