TAGP 218: 5 Inner Battles Anxiety Sufferers Face Daily

December 16, 2019

battles anxiety sufferers face

The battles anxiety sufferers face daily are silent, and internal. On the outside these survivors (many times of past repeated emotional traumas) look to be quite calm. On the inside however there’s mental chaos, emotional instability, and catastrophic imagery of future scenarios all taking place at once.

Many times the root causes over the daily struggles with anxiety aren’t recognized.

Why? Because the subconscious mind doesn’t want to re-traumatize the conscious mind, and also because these experiences have been stuffed very deeply inside. Avoidance many times becomes the outlet to anxiety. A sensitized individual feels ‘icky’ in this moment, or in a future scenario, so they run from the fear and consistently look to avoid it.

This reaction only strengthens a persons irrationally fearful programming. By strengthening these inner programs the body becomes sensitized to more and more situations. If you ask an un-sensnitized person about a bodily sensation, a crowd of people, driving, or any other daily event they may not even think about it twice. However, remind an anxiety sufferer about these internal or external experiences and the body constricts, breathing gets shallow, and doubt arises.

You can’t alter anything that’s outside of your conscious awareness, including your anxiety levels.

This podcast is very important toward the battles anxiety sufferers face daily. Because I want to ‘peel the onion’ so to speak and share the causes to why you feel the way you do. Many times we may think it’s our spouse, the fact that our car broke down, being unappreciated by your boss, but none of these are the real causes to anxiety.

Open your mind and relate today’s anxiety guy podcast episode to your own life. Allow the lightbulb moments to show up and make sure to write down all your epiphanies from today’s episode. Soon, you will become more than anxiety as well.

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